Why Do You Order From Eluxury?

  1. I have never ordered from Eluxury.com before but I just ended up buying the Vernis zippy wallet on there & I saved $50 from the store price because they don't charge tax.

    The one bad thing is though that you can't see what you are getting before you get it so hopefully you get the perfect piece for you with placement & embossing & all.

    Can't beat the tax break & free shipping :tup:
  2. Pros
    1. Because I save some tax
    2. I get money back from E B A T E S
    3. I don't need to move from my computer to buy my LVs :graucho:
    4. There is no local boutique near where I live

    1. Second Kimosa--don't see the product before making a purchase
    2. Wait time before it arrives
    3. Sometimes it's not in stock
  3. I ordered my mini lin ebony speedy from E-lux because I got it tax free and my more store didn't have any in stock.
  4. 1) I've had great customer service from them
    2) no tax
    3) my closest LV store is 2 1/2 hours away!
  5. I buy from them because there's not a boutique within an hour and half from me so it's easier. I also like that I don't have to pay sales tax.
  6. off-topic, and this is probably a stupid question, but why is E B A T E S blocked from posts? if you try to type it out, it shows up like this: ****** :confused1:
  7. They don't like to promote or mention any sites here. :yes:

    I do have to pay sales tax when I use eLux.... but the nearest LV is far away.
  8. What is E B A T E S? I buy from eLux because I save on tax and also because I don't have time to go to the boutique. Usually, when I am buying something small, I go to the boutique but I don't really like buying anything big from stores cause I'll have to carry a huge brown LV shopping bag while taking public transportation (aka, the very safe NYC trains) :p
  9. Because if you go through e bates then you and the site get the % back rather than the tPF getting it if you buy through one of their links. Depending on what deals they have with each retailer they're probably pulling down 5-10%+ commission of each order total.
  10. CAn I ask how you got free shipping on Eluxury, did you buy a non-LV item in addition to your LV wallet? I ask, for Eluxury does not offer free shipping when I go into their site any longer, the Eluxury representative told me no more free shipping with only LV orders from now on. :crybaby:
  11. I only buy from eLux if I can't get something from my SA. I just a bag from eLux because I was afraid it was discontinued and there were none in stores. Should have waited. Vuitton.com and eLux both have this bag again and I think the stores will have them soon. My SA is so sweet and always manages to get me the LE bags I waitlist for. She gives me great advice, which to me is worth more than the price of the sales tax I save from eLux.
  12. For all of the reasons listed above and I've never had a problem with them. I also signed up for that e*bate*s site, so I get 3% back on my purchases with elux. I would surely like to know if anyone knows when that site is offering more off. They were doing 5% back last week.
  13. Save on tax and get more points on my card through E-luxury.

    Wish they still had free LV shipping...now you have to purchase something nonLV to get it. :shrugs:
  14. ^^^^

    OMG, where have I been ?? :wtf:
    Had no clue about this, thanks for the info !!!

    Oh and I like elux because theres NO tax to my state, and I automatically get free upgrade 2 day Fedex, shipping is usually free too.
  15. Thanks for the E*bates tip! You just saved me from passing by a 3% rebate! :wtf: