Why do YOU need several bags?

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  1. I've been pondering again especially after reading Trashed Bride's thread about her capsule collection and have been trying to decide what mine would be. My problem is that I don't have a huge variety of clothes - black trousers and a top for work (I resent spending money on work clothes as I only go in twice per week) and jeans plus different tops for home. I sometimes wish I was more elegant (like Flossie for example) or more cool (like Chloe babe) but I'm not. I am very casual person hence the jeans which I love and feel comfortable in. However, because I essentially wear the same thing all the time (Gok would despair of me) the only way to make it look different is by what bag I carry. I have a very varied collection with different colours and styles and that is how I change my look. My bags mix it up and can dress my outfit up or down.

    Is anyone else in this situation? Do you manage to limit your bags?
  2. I am the total opposite to you, Blue. My clothes are many varied, all colours, various patterns etc. This poses it's own problems though. As much as I LOVE all the leopard print bags they would only work with very few of my bright and busy clothes.

    Perhaps you could look into 'statement jewelry' (another of my loves!) to brighten and mix up your looks, then you might be able to get away with having fewer bags. Scarves would also be very useful too. Maybe various belts could assist you vary your look, that said as much as I like the idea I don't find that belts really suit me.
  3. I like your style Bluecat :tup::tup::tup: Keep up the good work!

    :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: at the reference to 'several' bags.
  4. I have "several" bags, as they are all different colours & styles, which I like to use for different outfits, occassions, etc.

    I couldn't be doing with just 1 multi purpose black bag that met every need - I'd find it boring! I like having different colours and styles and I am the only person I know that has Mulberry, I like to be different to everyone else. The same goes for my jewellery, I like to pick up pieces from my travels that I know no-one else (at least in my circle of friends & family) will have.
  5. I thought I only needed one Mulberry... at least no more than two.

    But guess I should have known better. It's just that the Mulberry bags were much more expensive than my other bags, so I thought one was enough. I've always liked to have different bags and shoes (and lot of different type/style of clothing). I love variety and to change according to mood. So have to say, I agree and can identify entirely with what you wrote Fuzzy.

    I realize I have 'too many' bags in a way, considering Mulberrys only get better with use and that one cannot use them all at the same time... but don't think they will go anywhere (ask me again in a couple of years), and I will most likely buy others (however, in a much much slower pace). In a way it feels bad, on the other hand, I enjoy them and consider myself lucky to have them. Money could be spent on worse things.
  6. TPF is partly to blame for me NEEDING so many bags too..LOL... Seeing all the lovely reveals of bags I didn't think existed...
  7. I too am the only person I know who carries Mulberry and Balenciaga. I have a very varied wardrobe. I wear sportswear for work - wool pants and skirts in varying prints with blouses,sweaters and sometimes with a jacket. I don't wear much denim as I prefer to wear corduroy pants in winter and khaki pants in the summer. I mix up my outfits with my different bags and shoes. Bags and shoes are an important statement for a woman. I pretty much think your wardrobe can be classically simple and one can jazz it up with the bag and shoes chosen. Today I am wearing a black leather A-Line skirt with a pleat in the front and back, navy/gray striped turtleneck, Blue cardigan, gray tights, cognac boots and Daria burnt orange satchel.
  8. Lillemy_74: I concur with everything that you have said here.
    I too have way too many bags. I am now buying bags at a slower pace where as before I would buy one every several months. There are worse things that one could spend money on.
  9. Casual, formal, work, weekends, summer, winter, party, rain, hands-free, colour, neutral, travelling etc... Reasons, reasons :biggrin:
  10. I live in jeans too bluecat except at work. I don't take a good bag to work with me as nowhere to put it (work at an animal shelter) so my Mulberries are my 'off duty bags'. I like to have different sized bags to suit different functions. Sometimes I travel light and handsfree (Antony) other days i want to carry a bit more (phoebe/effie/annie), some days if i'm out the whole day or need to take extra bits/ bobs I'll use a bigger tote (jacquetta/bays). Then I duplicate with oak/choc so i some variety depending on weather/ season. Does that make sense????
    Then I have black joelle shoulder bag as a smaller going out/ evening bag!!!!
    See I can justify almost anything!!!!
  11. My lifestyle sounds very similar to yours, Bluecat. The difference is that you use bags to "mix it up", and that's what I need to do... I've whittled my Mulberries down to just one -arrgghh!! - and it's a Brooke and not suitable for every day. My absolute favourite bag is a python Pauric Sweeney, and I have another Pauric which I have been using every day for so long, that I'm totally sick of it. I have a funny fear of having my wardrobe stuffed with unused bags, and that's why I've been so radical with re-homing, but now I think I've gone too far in the opposite direction. I'm planning a little trip to York in a couple of weeks and hopefully I'll do some replenishing, but this time I MUST add some colour...
  12. I could not agree more :P
  13. Awww firstly I am blushing that you used me as an example, and laughing inside as I am sure my girls do not think I am cool.

    The thing is Blue, you have managed to define yourself and it takes years to get to that conclusion. You know instinctively what works for you and know not to waste money on clothes that look great, but that you know are only going to hang in your wardrobe as they wont be used for what fits in with your lifestyle.

    I think you are doing the right thing! you funk up your bags because you have a uniform that you look good in, that is "real" and feels good to you :smile: How often do we go somewhere, and check out a bag (Mulberry or other) - My guess is ALOT! but we do not necessarily notice what the holder is wearing - maybe its just the way they carry it that makes us define a style for them.

    I think its smart shopping honey to spend the money on great bags - so many fashionistas tell us shoes and bags are where the money should be spent - so you are ahead of the game!!! :biggrin:
  14. Ah thanks Chloe. I like the idea that I am ahead of the game. I will use that line on DH when he rolls his eyes at me as I buy another bag LOL.
  15. Finding a style that suits you is so tricky, I know how you feel Bluecat :P But I must add, I always think you look very classy on your modelling pics! An easy way of lifting a casual wardrobe could be jewellery - get a big and eye catching necklace, a colurful bracelet (snö of sweden has many lovely colourful and elegant ones at a reasonable price), a playful scarf, different glasses to compliment different accessories/outfits/bags, polished nails etc. Also finding a brand that covers your needs, and stick to them. Odd Molly? Uniqlo? Boden? Crumpet? You say you love wearing jeans, that's a great basic item. You can add a long cardigan/a dress/tunica and accessories, and you'll look stunning. A great haircut does miracles too. Find the things you feel great in, that always makes a person look good :biggrin:

    I want to build up a classic wardrobe I can have for years with classic colours (earth colours mainly) and add the above for the finishing touch. I'm struggling too though..

    I don't own that many bags, so I do need them all ;)
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