Why do you LVOE your NF?

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  1. All NF Lovers...
    From the posts I've seen, almost everyone seems to own a NF in addition to other LV bags. I'm curious to know your reasons!
    I just ordered a damier ebene NF MM and am SUPER excited :yahoo:,
    and i Love it because I
    1. love big bags
    2. i carry a tote around almost everywhere I go - work, shopping, lunch, dinner, movies, sometimes even to a casual bar/sports bar (I'm not even sure if that's appropriate :biggrin: )
    3. The NF fits almost any occasion I can think I'll carry a bag..except when I go partying :smile:

    What about you guys?
  2. I have my Ebene MM for almost a year and still love her alot !!
    She's the first bag I always pick everytime I don't know which one to use :P

    - lightweight , so that I could carry all of my stuffs
    ( I throw everything into my NVF. Sweathers, Water Bottles , Umbreallas etc.)

    - low maintenance because it's ebene

    - fits with any occasion

    Now, I'm looking for an Azur GM , also a Mono GM to join my family as well :love:
  3. Where were you able to order one?? Congrats!
  4. I like it's simplicity and ease of use. But I think the Totally and Delightful are prettier alternatives though.
  5. I got really lucky. I've been stalking the website past 5 weeks and finally found one online couple days back. So I quickly placed my order...it was all gone in less than 10 mins!
  6. The delightful looked pretty on the shelves and in pictures. But when I went to the store, it just didn't feel comfortable on me. I have a small-ish frame, and even the PM seemed bulky ...the base seemed stiff..and I personally don't dig the hobo look of the delightful..
  7. I actually only love mine cause its pink (graffiti)!
  8. NF GM Mono was my first LV. I wore it everyday for nine months. It's very practical and roomy. I recently just sold it to buy other bags. I guess I fell out of love with my nf.
  9. Initially I wasn't a fan of the Neverfull. After seeing pictures here on the forum, I started re-thinking the bag. Then I decided that I really wanted the Damier Ebene MM. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this bag when I got it home. I'm still surprised at how much I love the Neverfull! I find it to be a comfortable bag ( I don't carry a lot, so the straps don't bother me), and I think it's a chic tote.
  10. im debating getting a mono mm for the summer, but the straps is what looks like they might be painfull because they are sooo THIN!
  11. i love my mono NF GM since it really holds EVERYTHING and is fantastic for traveling. i also like to use it if i'm shopping since i can stow my small purchases in it rather than having to carry around numerous shopping bags. i love that i have two different options/looks when wearing it (cinched/uncinched). granted, i just spilt coffee on it this morning, my NF forgives me and still loves me :smile:
  12. ITA - there is no better travel bag. The NF was my first bag. Even though I have given it a rest, I could not imagine going on a trip without it.
  13. I didn't used to be a fan, but when seeing a lot of them in person I changed my mind. After purchasing it it is very high on my list of favorites. it is SO comfortable, huge, and easy to use. Since its ebene its also really low maintenance and I don't have to worry about anything while i'm out
  14. It's very comfortable to carry, stylish, and holds a ton. I absolutely adore mine and have never had a problem with the straps...............
  15. I originally bought my Damier Ebene NF because of the rain.. but, ended up carrying it all summer. kids baseball games and carries a ton. congratulations on your choice. you will love it !