Why do you love your Speedy?

  1. I just want to know why everyone loves their Speedy so much. I agree it is a Classic design. I just can't get myself to love it. Probably one of the main reasons is I prefer shoulder bags. And also I hate the way they sag. I know you can put things on the bottom but I just don't want to have to do that. Also they are one of the most counterfeited LV bag. I have a BH and a Damier Marais. I really love them both. But just can't get into the Speedy

    Here are some of my bags



  2. I love the Speedy but I do not like it in Mono, it's too common IMO. I love the style though, very pretty.
  3. It's classic. It is just totally me. Either you :heart: it or you don't....doesn't matter as there are many other great LV designs out there;)
  4. Funny, but REAL LV Speedies are head-turning. Why? The handles are stitched well, the piping is clean leather, not plastic, the hardware looks posh, not cheap! I hate hate hate fakes!!
    When I carry my REAL LV Speedy 30 Monogram Canvas or Cerises Speedy 25, the lightness of the bag, the roominess, and the fact that this bag was toted by Audrey Hepburn and other classic stars makes me feel glamorous!! I can't say enough about this bag...
  5. I love my Speedy because it carries everything that I ask it to. Also, it is classic and timeless and I can imagine myself carrying it 30 years from now and it will still look great. But I prefer hand-held bags over shoulder bags.

    But don't stress if you don't care for the Speedy -- there are lots of other great LV bags out there for you!
  6. ^^^ Exactly, Sonic Peaches, the real ones are totally hot, they look so different than the fakes. My Speedy 30 looks good with everything and holds a ton. No I would not take it with on big shopping sprees, need a shoulder bag for that. Otherwise, it can go anywhere! :love: Also, I love the sag, I prefer it over the structured "medicine bag" look.
  7. I only own damier and azur speedies. One of the reasons I don't have a mono is because they've been faked so much. So understand where you're coming from. I like shoulder bags too, for certain occassions but I always feel most organized/put together when I'm carrying a handbag. In particular a speedy. I also like a little sag, because it takes the stuffiness out of it. Kind of makes it more casual, which is perfect for my California lifestyle. I don't know.....I just love it!
  8. I have the Mono and Azur Speedies. I also plan to purchase the regular Damier Speedy. I just like the bag. It's the first style of Louis that I fell in love with (even before I knew it was a Louis years ago....LOL) and it remains my favorite today. I like the space of it. The style. It's just a great everyday bag and it's so chic. I also like handbags and hate shoulder bags for myself. I don't own a shoulder bag.....
  9. 1. it fits my whole life.
    whether i am going on vacation, on an overnight, to a wedding (a la yesterday) running errands or just going to work, it fits what i need and looks casually luxurious, fits well and always fits the mood.
    (come on who doesn't wish they had a mary poppins bag!!!!)

    2.its shape is so cute. that little house looking figure?
    TDF. always. and the lock? Its YUMMY! oh the little keys! i love it! the shape is so classic. its been around for 100 years and reeks of Hepburn and old steamer trips around the world, its historic and fashionable.

    3.it sits so well on the arm or hand! just perfect!

    4.the color matches everything.

    5.its classy and classic

    6.i could keep going but i hav to be at work

  10. Because it is at a reasonable price and practical.
  11. I love my mono speedy 25 more than anything.

    - It fits everything I carry with still room to spare
    - I can find everything easily without fishing around in it
    - I can use it during the day (casual) and carry it at night too (dressier)
    - It goes with everything
    - I love handheld bags
    - it was relatively inexpensive
  12. I love the Speedy because it is the iconic Louis Vuitton bag (along with the Alma). It's shape is very easy and can be used day and night! You can fit almost all kinds of things in it without much problem! I have no problems fitting a few books inside or clothes if I'd like. Even shoes! It's a very versatile bag - very easy. You can't do that with a lot of LV bags. It's an original. It's one of the roomiest bags for the best LV price also.
  13. i'm trying to love it. i do love it on everyone else, i want to love it on me... btw, you have a lovely collection of bags!!!
  14. ITA! Size really matters to me. I'm not a small bag girl at all. I think the price of this bag is great considering the size in comparison to some of the other LV bags. You just can't beat it...awesome bag...awesome price!
  15. I love my speedy (mono 30) because it is a classic and will never go out of style. I love the sag and that I can carry it on my arm or hand held. It was my very first LV and I thought it would be the only bag I would ever need. Well, it just started the addiction. I just feel more confident and pulled together when I carry my speedy.