Why do you love your carly??


May 8, 2009
I am thinking about getting a Large Carly and I was wondering what the pros and cons were of the bag. I have heard about the fraying and I am fine with that, I tend to be rough with my bags anyway cause I have 4 kids. (don't hate me for that!! :smile:)

How is the spreadability of the opening? Slouching, how much can you fit in it, is it easy to use? And or comfortable on the shoulder.

Any info on the bag would be greatly appreciated!!




Apr 13, 2008
east coast
I ADORE my Carly. It slouches soo nicely, it is lightweight and easy to carry, and it is tough. I've been using mine pretty much all the time (because I love it so much!) since Feb. and it looks brand new. I have the medium size, and it holds a lot. Occasionally the strap slips off my shoulder, especially if I have a 'slippery' shirt on (satin, etc.). The zipper is easy to open and it's not so deep that stuff gets lost. The opening is large and it is really easy to use. I can fit my Coach sunglasses case (huge!), wallet, checkbook, cell phone, cell charger, various receipts/coupons/lists, a mini skinny, and a few small items, like nail polishes, pens, etc. It holds a lot. without my huge sunnies case in it, I can fit a water bottle too. I love my Carly so much, if you can still find one, I highly recommend it :biggrin:


May 20, 2008
Eastern Iowa
The Carly was my ALL time favorite Coach bag at one point. That bag is the reason I'm a Coach junkie to this day. When I first signed up on Tpf, I wanted a carly SO bad, My screen name is Coach10619 <-- 10619 being the style number of the medium carly..lol. Now, although, I still do love the Carly, I had to sell mine. Everything was PERFECT about that bag except, it slipped off my shoulder ALL the time. I couldn't keep it on my shoulder. Now, I had the medium signature carly so, I don't know if the large or even the leather carlys are any better about this problem.
I know a lot of ladies on here don't have a problem with it as much as I did so, it may be different for you. I would definitely suggest carrying around your house, with your stuff in it for a few days before you clip the tags off to make sure it will fit you comfortablely.


Jun 23, 2009
I love Carly so much. I've heard about the shoulder slipping thing, and it's funny - for me one of the reasons I love it so much is because it totally stays put! I was off last week and took her around for lots of long walks, and she never slipped or fell. I find she snuggles in and is so comfy to wear.

I love the look with the tucked in/hidden zipper (I can't even buy a Coach now that has the top zipper exposed). Zoe has the same idea.

I have the medium and I'm amazed at how much stuff she holds like Brooke11 mentioned, and she slouches perfectly and I think it is the perfect purse. :yahoo:

LOVE IT!! I can't imagine you would be disappointed with one. But will you find one? They've been discontinued for a long time, I don't even think they are in the outlets anymore? I managed to get one at an outlet in July, but I think it was one of the last ones.


Dreamer of dreams
Feb 27, 2008
I have the medium leather and I find it heavy to carry and it slips off my shoulder. For this reason it rarely gets used. I think she's beautiful though! I see a lot of fakes of the signature, so that is one reason I prefer the leather.


Jul 27, 2009
Portland, OR.
I have the medium black leather Carly as well. She was my first new boutique purchase and I used her all the time...I did have the shoulder slippage issue as well on occasion.
She is in my closet for now ...but I still love everything about this bag:smile:


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
I don't have a Carly but I always wanted the large leather chili Carly. It's too rare to get so when I couldn't find one for a decent price I talked myself out of it. I've heard that the bottom corners are pointy and get worn down with wear. That's how I talked myself out of a Carly, I didn't want to worry about wearing down the corners of the bag.