why do you love sabrina?

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  1. loving the maggie came naturally to me but lately - because of tPF - i've been drawn to sabrina :love: i know there aren't any in the latest floorset but there's always outlets and a good wait 'til april when i'm off my ban LOL i've managed to stick to going accessory crazy but i know that i want a black bag next. i'm 21 and my BFF (who is not coach crazy ...or any designer crazy) thought the audrey was "too old" when i pointed it to her. because she relies on her guess bag, i thought, why not ask those who know what they're talking about :smile:

    why do you love sabrina?
    which sabrina do you have?
    do you dress her up?
    do you match your accessories to the lining?
    big wallet or small wallet when you carry her?
    is 21 "too young" for sabrina?

    TY in advance
    xoxo :biggrin:
  2. I have to admit, I hated Sabrina when I first saw it. Not sure what it was, but I just couldn't like it.

    Over time, after seeing others reveal her, I decided to get one and see what all the fuss was about. I bought a small Berry and it was love at first carry :smile:

    I love the way she looks like a puddle when empty. Just gorgeous!

    I currently have a small Steel Sabrina.

    I don't dress her up. She's beautiful by herself.

    I have a slim envelope wallet in Berry :smile:

    I don't think any age is too young or too old to carry a Sabrina. She's timeless!
  3. i have the large green patent and the large cobalt blue patent. i love the size and shape of them. i havent carried the green yet just the cobalt and love it! i love satchels anyhow so it works. when i 1st saw the sabrina i was annoyed cuz its all i would hear about. so eventually i got mine. i put a ponytail scarf on mine. i carry a small walnut madison leather wallet a whiskey legacy wristlet and a large heritage stripe makeup bag. i think the sabrina is great for any age. im 21 also!
  4. I like the size - the shape and that she is a satchel. I dont dress up any of my bags - they are beauties with the extra -

    I have all large, Cherry, Espresso, Steel, Op Art Amethyest, Op Art black, Op Art Khaki brown

    I do not match my bags to my accessories - nor do I match to the lining - I like to have a colorful inside - easier to see very thing -

    I like the fact that my insert fits in her PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have med size wallets in all my bags

    I am 41 and she is not to old or young for me ;)
  5. Welcome to the forum!! :smile:

    why do you love sabrina? I just feel like a lady when I carry her as a satchel!! :smile: Just LOVE her shape!! :smile:

    which sabrina do you have? Op Art Graphite and Amethyst small

    do you dress her up? She normally has a scarf on

    do you match your accessories to the lining? Sometimes, I usually carry whatever set of accessories are floating my boat at the time and either matches or coordinates with the bag somehow!

    big wallet or small wallet when you carry her? I use both in mine

    is 21 "too young" for sabrina? I think Sabrina looks good on all ages!!
  6. i hated it too! i don't know why i did, just like i don't know why i'm so wanting one now! LOL. the berry's gorgeous, i'd love that if i didn't have such a need for a black bag.

  7. is there a significant difference between the small and the large? why did you pick one over the other? you're 21 too! :yahoo: how many coach bags do you have? i'm asking because i feel guilty about buying and i was just typing about it in another thread :P

  8. I have a large black and a large teal. My black Sabrina is the one I use almost every day. Like others have said, when I first saw her, it wasn't love at first sight at ALL. I have, however, come to love her more than any other bag I've owned and that's saying a LOT. I love that I can wear her on my arm, on my shoulder or crossbody. She's SO versatile. Also, I think she's super classy. I've never had so many compliments on a bag as I have on Sabrina, either black or teal. She's incredible!

    I don't accessorize. I don't think she needs it. Too old for you? Nah. Well, you know, unless you're going to wear her with a muu-muu and a big straw hat. ;)

    Oh, and I also like that she can go with dressy clothes and also with jeans. I just can't say enough good about her!
  9. all large :nuts: is there a reason you prefer that over the smaller ones? and where do you buy an insert? hahaha i love what you said about age ;) i just wanted to make sure because in my university, most girls are carrying the op art glam totes and i'd rather a sabrina :P

  10. thank you for the welcome! :smile: i've been lurking around for a while, wondering if i should just stop snooping and join in on the fun :P when she isn't full, does she sag in? let me know if i need to be more specific LOL.

  11. all of you seem to be leaning towards the large. is the small really that small? =/ what other bags do you have? i'm guessing a carly? hahahaha. well i LIKE muu-muus and straw hats ...kidding :smile: jeans! do jeans rub off on her?

  12. I cant say enough about the sabrina I like the large best also! She can be dressed up or down and such a great looking bag!

  13. I love her shape, first and foremost. I also love the silver on black. Every time I look at her, my heart skips a beat. She's truly my #1 favorite, and she was my first Coach.

    I have the small black op art with silver hardware. LOVE her!

    I have the ladybug fob on her. It's a poppy fob, very youthful. Looks so pretty against the black!

    I do not match accessories. I know where everything is by the type of insert it's in! :biggrin: credit cards in the black op art mini skinny (ok, so THAT matches, LOL!), lipgloss/stick in the graffiti makeup bag, etc.

    I only bring my mini skinnies and 2 cosmetic bags when I carry her. Plus my cell phone and keys, a small lotion & spray sanitizer, gum pack & a kleenex pack. No wallet. Cash goes in the zipper pocket. I only write checks for paying bills at home, so I don't need a nice checkbook wallet.

    I do not think 21 is too young for a Sabrina. My friend is 25 and she just got a sparkly silver Audrey. It has deep purple lining, and she got all purple accessories (even a purple pen!) to go with it. I think the Audrey and Sabrina look quite different.
  14. why do you love sabrina?
    the cool shape... the complete change of appearance you get when you wear it up as a shoulder bag... it's feminine without being to prim and ladylike... the extra hang tags... the pretty linings... the gazillions colors we had to choose from... the way it dangles on my arm... the bag lust it inspires... it's a looker!

    which sabrina do you have?
    (missing from the photo is the cranberry)


    do you dress her up?
    nope but i rarely embellish my bags

    do you match your accessories to the lining?
    nope but my accessories are typically all black leather pieces

    big wallet or small wallet when you carry her?
    both but i have been stuck in a midsized one for a while

    is 21 "too young" for sabrina?

    nope, as long as 40 isn't too old for it! i think of bags fitting a particular style much more than being more suited to a particular age range
  15. Johnnie, OMG, I'm DROOLING!!!!!! GREAT COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that they replaced the Sabrina with the Audrey. It's like dancing with the younger brother of the guy you lust after...IMHO!!!!!!