Why do you love LV? Convert me.

  1. I never understood the attraction of LV. My practical side says, "$1k+ for a bag that isn't even leather? That's crazy!" But after reading some of the posts on my request for girly bags, and doing some LV research, I think I might be changing my tune a bit. I'm especially drawn to the Tulums, and the denim Pleaty is nothing short of adorable. If they made that in leather, it would be an enormous risk to my credit card, but how do you keep the denim clean?

    Having never touched LV bags up close, I have a question about the monogram stuff. This is plastic-coated canvas, right? Isn't it yucky and stiff...or is it soft? Is it indestructible? Is the lining nice?

    Also, I'd love to hear about why *you* love LV. The logo? The Uma Thurmann ads? Timeless shapes? Practical details? Do you get compliments? Does it make a great pillow when you travel? Spill...and convert me! :yes:
  2. For me it's durability, fun shapes, colors and styles!!!:love:
  3. For me it's because it is a classic. I love the Speedy especially because it will always be in style. The durability and the fact that they get better with age is a plus as well. They feel supple, not stiff or plastic-y. So far I only have a Recital but I plan on getting a Speedy soon. :biggrin:
  4. Since I have mainly Epi pieces, it's just more professional whenever you're meeting up with people and such. It may cost more but it won't ever just die on you, it will last for like 10+ years if you dont saw it in half. Also if you go shopping, because of your purse, you'll get better service.

    And of course, the compliments heheheheh
  5. You know I just thought of a good reason for me. Stability of price. I almost bought a $995 Marc Jacobs Denim last week at Neimans and was able to get it for 70% off this week at the Boston store. I cannot tell you how pissed off I would have been if I had paid full price. With Louis Vuitton you do not have to worry about that at all. Of course the main reasons are classic style, functionality, legacy, workmanship, the list goes on and on!
  6. first off, this isn't plastic coated. it has a coating, but i'm not sure what it's coated with. some sort of waterproof/industructable material. they're actually pretty soft. the lining varies from the line and bag. in the papillon it has crossgrain leather lining, and in speedy and most bags it's a brown canvas. some of the newer or multicolor pieces have a man-made suede called alcantara inside.

    for me, what drew me in to LV in the first place was the fact that it was the only luggage that survived the sinking of the Titanic. 2nd to that would be the shapes/styles and compliments. the ads don't do much to sway me about the pieces, I mean, the Gisele Bundchen ads with the Fringe line does NOTHING to make it look more appealing IMO.

    you do have to keep in mind, that LV uses the highest quality products to make their bags/wallets. AND every single piece is hand made. just like a ferrari or a lamborghini that costs as much as a condo or apartment loft, those are handmade too..
  7. They call the material Canvas. Not sure what that is but the LVs are silkscreened onto the canvas. Then I think they put a coat of vinyl so no peeling occurs. I may be wrong though
  8. there's just something innate about these bags that make them so addictive. i can always rely on the quality and the design to be top-notch. plus the service... you just have to experience it first-hand! but your decision to take the plunge should be 101% yours. you must seriously love it. not just be swayed by all the fuss we give it here. i've known a few people who got caught up with the whole multicolour hype and bought one just because... and now they regret ever buying one because of all the fakes around. they didn't want their bags to be mistaken as fake (why did they even buy it in the first place? to show off most likely). but if you really, truly and fully love it, this shouldn't be an issue. we buy our bags for our own pleasure, not for anybody else's. jmho :smile:
  9. I love LV because of the mono canvas and the shape of the bags. The first time I ever spotted one (25 years ago), I fell in love immediately and had NO idea who made the bags or the cost. It just "spoke" to me and looked so classy.

    I can honestly say I never buy to impress anybody. I live in the boonies (the boonie suburbs, really -- the boonies is the "big" town 20 miles away because they have a Walmart! LOL) and nobody around here knows what a LV is anyway... a few do, I'm sure. I buy what I love and I love LV! After a very long break of owning any LV bags, I'm making up for lost time now. :lol:
  10. When you get to London, go to the Bond street store, smell the luxury, play with the bags and shoes, you'll love the whole expirence! You have heard about the quality, yup, but for me it is also owning something that will probably be around after I am gone, they are that well made. I love the whole art of some them, I am a bit older, but wacky, so I can have respected bags with cartoons on them! Yes, they will break in and you can sleep on em, I haven't needed to clean my denim yet, the alacantara linings are colorful and cleanable. I could go on and on.....
  11. Plus, unlike a lot of other luxury brands you can still get a great LV for under 1K.
  12. To me it's worth more to me to spend $1K on a bag that not only will hold up over the years because it's made so well (that canvas, whatever it's coated in) is truly indestuctable-I BEAT the hell out of my bags and have still managed to sell some with not much of a loss over what I paid-but Louis Vuitton will also survive the trends. It's more timeless than the $1K IT bags that will eventually be replaced by another style, whereas LV always seemed more "collectable" whether it be your general mono canvas or the limited edition styles.
  13. When we were younger my sister used to always say to me when I bought "cheap" things, "You get what you pay for". it is so true. The quality and workmanship and style of LV bags is always consistant. The service and helpfulness of (most) of the stores and SA's is great. I think if you are going to pay that amount of money for a bag, you want one that is going to last a very, very, very long time. With LV, you never have to wonder about that! It's going to last!
  14. Thanks to everyone - I'm learning a lot here (for example, I didn't know that each one is handmade), and upon further research, I realized that there are indeed some nice ones under $1k.

    Eh, I might as well admit it...I've spent 2 hours daydreaming on eLuxury today...I think I'm hooked already! The combination of classic beauty and practicality is irresistable.
  15. Not really :lol: