Why do you love Coach?

  1. If this has been done, my apologies.

    I was just curious what attracts you to Coach vs. other designers?

    I think Coach bags are beautiful. I don't consider them "trendy" so to speak. I mean you can obviously tell what bags are the newer trends but you can sport a Coach bag from 10 yrs ago and it'll still look good. I'm not a fashionista by any means, never have been probably never will be lol. I think some of the other designers bags are just...well...weird LOL. They're too much you know? I like Coach's (for the most part) subtly. They aren't all "HELLO LOOK AT ME...I'm carrying a designer bag" (the signature C's maybe a little but I think they're gorgeous!!!).

    Maybe it's just me lol.
  2. I feel the same way you do. They are absolutely classic and not trendy! It's not just you, it's at least me too!:tup:
  3. I agree too. I just love Coach bags. Any and all! And the more time I spend on here and see everyone else's bags the more I love them!
  4. I've owned lots of other brands and come back to Coach. I like the styles, they are classic and will be in style for more than a season. The leather is always beautiful and the quality exceptional. I just like how they look and they are within my budget and personal spending comfort zone!
  5. Ive been wearing Coach bags exclusively before Coach was at all popular! I always just loved the classic timelessness of the leather bags. I am happy that the company has gotten a bit more stylish, but I hope they continue to do it with a classic edge, rather than going all-out trendy on us.
  6. Well put! I agree :smile:
  7. I've come back to Coach after owning bags by LV, Gucci, and Hermes. I found that those bags are really not that much better made than Coach bags and the SAs that you have to deal with can be a bit snooty. I got so tired of having to butter up SAs so I could get on a waiting list to buy the latest bag that was going to cost a fortune. Oh, and every few months they decide that the price isn't high enough so they increase it!

    After playing this game for a few years I just grew tired of it. It is just wrong that the MC Speedy which was $1300 in 2003 is now $1900 for the exact same bag. By the time you save up the money for the bag you want its going to cost more. Anyway, I've re-evaluated my bag addiction and parted with most of my other bags. I've kept a few favorites and still carry them from time to time but I'm trying to keep my future bag purchases a little more inline with what I can really afford.

    Plus I'm now employed by Coach and I have to say that I really admire the way that the company is run. I've worked in other retail stores in the past and Coach seems to truly care about their customers and their satisfaction. Much more so than some of the other designer stores.
  8. I love the styles and the prices are nice, too! I found myself wanting to venture into Burberry but they are so weird looking. I'm much more into the classic (even if a little trendy look). I'm not into the "wacky" designer look. Coach does it for me!
  9. For some reason I have tried other handbags such as dooney bourke, but they are not the same as Coach. I love Coach and probaly will never grow out of it;)
  10. I love just touching a Coach bag. It just has such great quality which I can't compare to anything else!
  11. Quality attracted me, but once I had my first one (a black leather hobo) it was like an addiction took over. I do like other bags but these are my favs. I never "graduated" to more expensive bags and doubt I will at this point. Plus the leather smells so yummy.
  12. I love Coach for the quality of leather and the classic style of their bags. True, they do produce a few "trendy pieces" (as all designers do) but the staple of their collection are truly timeless and can be carried years to come.
  13. Quality, Craftsmanship, and Functionality. I have plenty of bags that cost waaay more than Coach (LV, Fendi, Prada), but they aren't nearly as functional. Why would a $1.3K bag not have a cell phone pocket? My Coach bags all have lots of pockets, are easy to get in and out of, and I don't worry so much about them. I use all my bags, but Coach feels much more user friendly to me.

  14. I have purchased other brands (some very expensive) and have been disappointed for the most part. I agree that nothing can compare to the feel and quality of Coach leather. The hardware is extremely durable and looks great for years and years. I agree also that the leather smell is divine:heart: I have my Coach right now on the floor next to my bed and I can smell that wonderful leather from here:yes: It is true that you can carry a Coach bag for years and years......and it will still be classic enough for the times. Terrific product and above all......great customer service. I would have to say that customer service is what sets them apart from the rest. At least this has been my experience.
  15. i've loved coach since i was in high school, and still do with a fierceness. coach comes up with unique and beautiful styles of bags with great quality. their customer service is superior. i'm trying to buy my first LV, but it's so hard for me to find something i like. half of the bags just scream LV, and the other half are too overpriced. and LV customer service sucks. no one will help me unless i'm dressed nicely. ridiculous! while yes, coach is much cheaper than chanel, gucci, LV, and lots of other designer handbags...and i won't lie, the price is probably a factor in why i love coach...i really love coach for the craftsmanship and styles. i get so excited to see the new handbags every season. i've been collecting the coach catalogs for the past 3-4 years. it's fun to flip back and see the older styles. and let me tell you, coach is always consistent in bringing unique and beautiful designs to the public. coach has always and still does continue to amaze me.