Why do you like LV?

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  1. I'm a super fan of LV. I like it because of the story and history behind. That's why I like monogram so much. Of course, with time I accept the Damier (especially Graphite).

    Why do you like LV?
  2. Primarily because I love the quality, the craftsmanship that goes into each bag; I also love the designs -- each line is unique and has its own character. :smile:
  3. I love all these things about LV... the name, the line and especially their attractive design, very unique and beautiful. I usually don't like any bag at first, but then i alway feel like all those bag are what i would die for :love:
  4. The obviously superior quality of each bag. There just isn't anything like getting a new LV and really inspecting it and appriciating the perfection of it. Everytime I add to my collection I spend probably an hour just feeling it (carefully if there's vachetta :P) and looking at everything I can find on it. I'm really detail oriented and I just love to see how perfect the stitching is and how everything feels and just everything.... I may be crazy though :sweatdrop:
  5. I think it looks so classy!
  6. Its reassuringly expensive and highly recognisable. The quality is great and they never go on sale…
  7. Damier was actually the first, original LV print.

    I like LV because there is so much history behind it. I also LOVE to travel, and I take my LVs with me because they're perfect for the job!
  8. ^^^ damier wasnt the original one... according to other threads i read a while ago...

    i fell in love with LV when MC was really popular... but i didnt know it was LV at that time... but then when damier speedy first launched, i fell in love with it and bought it... and now im starting to love the monogram... i didnt like it at first becase i felt it was for older people... but once my sister started to wear out her mono speedy and the canvas became so glossy and has beautiful honey patinas, i fell in love with it too... I JUST LOVE LV! its so unique from all brands... and its so classy..!
  9. I love the superior craftsmanship, the way it holds its value, and the unique and fresh, yet classy designs.
  10. I like that there's a wide variety, so something for everyone. I like that there's limited items that are affordable and desirable also. Lastly, it's a status symbol mostly.
  11. I've never really liked LV, as personally, I found it to be a silly extroverted display of wealth (but for some reason, never had a problem with Hermes (probably because my mom's had one Kelly for about 15 years) and also because of the lack of logos, but am now slightly disliking Hermes, simply because of the overt publicity of the Birkin), mainly so because of the Monogram canvas being so popular, along with the Damier. I then looked into LV a bit more, and the Epi, Taiga and Utah leathers. I still dislike the Damier canvas, and utterly despise the Monogram canvas, but, Damier Graphite has grown on me and I intend to purchase a Graphite Keepall 55 when i'm next in the city.

    I'd have to agree with Kenzo about the choice. I also respect LV shoes and admire their RTW, for simplicity and utter stylish wearability.
  12. I love LV because the designs are wonderful, the looks are classic, and there are many lines to choose from. They are durable, and chic. They don't depreciate much even if you are trying to sell your old items (that's IMO, anyways). I LVOE all my bags. :cloud9:
  13. Hmmmmm. Partly sentimental (LV was really the first designer bag I was introduced to by a friend in high school and eventually would own!) and Partly just LOVE the look, style, reputation and name.
  14. For me it very much compliments my overall look and how I carry myself. I am not a trendy dresser, I keep to a classic style and really don't deviate too much from that. LV just always makes me feel more put together and polished. I don't use it as a status symbol but I do think that it lets people know that I take pride in myself and the way I look. I also admire the quality that is put into each bag and my experience thus far with the customer service has been top notch!
  15. I didn't fall in love with LV until I finally mustered enough courage to walk into a local LV boutique one day and tried out the Damier speedy 25 on my arm. It's probably just me but I felt an instant boost in elegance and confidence. And the rest is history...