Why do you like/dislike your Hayden-Harnett bag?

  1. I see a lot of posts about Hayden-Harnett bags here on TPF but no one ever goes into why they like/dislike them.

    They had a style I liked and was hoping someone could provide me with some feedback on them. How is the leather? The hardware? The lining? How long do they last? etc.

  2. I like my HH bags for the following reasons:
    1. Style and design. The styles are contemporary yet extremely functional. Love that they always have plenty of pockets/compartments. But they don't look like "organizer" bags.
    2. Leather is wonderful and IME holds up very well.
    3. Selection. Love that most styles are available in a variety of colors.
    4. Lining. Love their linings.
    5. Price. Especially if you can get them on sale, HH bags are great quality for the price, IMO.
    The only problem/issue I've ever had with their bags is that sometimes the hardware that attaches the leather zipper pulls isn't as sturdy as it might be, and I've had to reattach the zipper pull on a couple of different bags.
  3. I have 4 Inkas (saddle, olive, black, plum) , 1 Mercer 3-compartment satchel (poppy), 2 carryall bags (blue and plum) (well, I will have 2 as soon as my new plum one gets here), and 1 amethyst clutch wallet.

    Overall, I love the leather. The colors, the feel, the smell, the obvious quality. This is eye candy leather. Next I love the organizational pockets and outside pocket features on the styles I have. Then, I think the 'bracelet' is attractive and makes the bag look even better than it is. Finally, I love the finishing touches - the stitching, the lining, the leather-edged pockets on the inside. The magnets on the 3-compartment satchel could be stronger, but. I could carry less than I do, too.

    The hardware is a nice burnished/antiqued brass. Not showy, not in-your-face, just there, functional as well as attractive. Beautiful, understated, gives the pieces I own a classy feel. I absolutely adore the tiny metal studs that decorate the edges. Such a nice thoughtful touch. As well as the zipper pulls - little studs on the leather pulls too. Sweet.

    I choose the clutch wallet because of its number of card slots. I didn't expect that my checkbook wouldn't fit inside; that's problematic - if you're going to make a wallet with this much organizational capability, make it a smidgen bigger.

    I have no dislikes about the bags I have; when I found this bag, it was like HH had taken it right from my head - it was made for me; although the clip on the Inka is wasted, since I don't use it, and I imagine it would be too cumbersome to actually clip regularly. It makes a nice decoration.

    I've been carrying the saddle Inka since I purchased it, a few months ago - it seems to be holding up just fine.

    I love being in on the 'ground floor' of a new design business (est. 2005), so once I found their products to be as good as they are, that was an additional plus. I like the fact that they are USA-based, even though their bags are made out-of-country. Since they are growing by leaps and bounds, I do cut them a little slack if their (1) customer service person doesn't always respond in the manner people would like, but I personally have never had a problem.

    I have had one return; I ordered the Tuilleries (sp) satchel and it was just too darned big for me. I wanted it to be ... smaller. But -. It was a beautiful handbag.

    I do not feel Hayden-Harnett is a good "alternative" to a more expensive bag. When I read that, I think it's an insult to the company, although it may not be intended that way. I didn't choose HH because they were cheaper - but because their product was exactly what I wanted. If I wanted an alternative - what is that, an "instead of"? I'd get the "instead of" bag.

    And that's all I have to say about that.:supacool:

    Finally - my main peeve is their seeming inability to find a price point and stick to it! None of this constant sale business with no rhyme or reason; offering it cheaper through another retailer one day and codes the next. It's irritating. So they do need to get a grip on that.
  4. I think the details of the bags really draw you in. All of the hardware nicely placed, the studs are engraved.. the lining is really nice.. unique and functional designs, great colors! All reasons to love!
  5. I have the Lorca Demi in Vintage Black leather. I have had lots of comments about how soft the leather is, I love that the gold hardware really stands out against the black, the detailing on rivets, the lining and the shape of the bag. Also the position of the pockets inside. All things mentioned already really.

    The only problem I had was that the turnlock was a bit loose on my bag and it would pop open from time to time. I fixed it by winding a very small clear elastic band under the turn-lock so now it doesn't have much room to move and it's been great ever since.
  6. I have the Ana in chocolate, the Lorca Demi in saddle, the Mercer in croc blue and the Inka in black. They are beautiful and the leather looks and FEELS good. I started with the blue croc Mercer mini-clutch and loved the detail and the leather on it so much I got the coin purse in the other leather (in cobalt) and the carryall. The details on the purses are fabulous. There are small touches that you keep finding, everytime you look at them.

    The lining is usually BEAUTIFUL, especially the ones that come in the silk, floral print or the coarse, cotton, paisley (floral?) print. POCKETS, POCKETS, POCKETS! They have lots of great, useful pockets. I didn't realize just how great they were until I recently started using a Michael Kors bag I just purchased and, even though it's pretty, it's a pain to wear because it's just this big cavern that swallows all the things I can so handily reach in my Hayden-Harnett bags.

    Now, on to the don't like. I don't like the fact that the 3 sections on my Mercer won't connect and close together. So, when I set it down, it kind of gaps.

    Every once in a while, not too often, the customer service people will use poorly chosen words that slightly irk. Not anything major, just what you'd expect from young, trendy people who need a little seasoning. But, Salina, on the other hand, who handles much of the customer service via email is FABULOUS! She's on time and beyond courteous.

    I had ordered the Beatrice in saddle and the Louvre in black but sent them back. The Beatrice went back because it was just the wrong style for me. The Louvre had really, really short handles that didn't sit comfortably on my shoulders. I was peeved about that because that bag rocks. It's a great example of the detail put on these bags and it felt like a baby's butt, a fat, soft baby. It wouldn't bother someone who carried it by the handle or crossbody. Also, I added a shine to my Ana in chocolate because I didn't like that color in a matte finish. That's it. I laughed because IndiaInk wrote such a long rhapsody and here I am writing the same type of thing! If you get one of these bags, I hope you love it.
  7. I have a black suki ladybag and I love it. The handles are stiff so they stay up on my shoulder easily. The leather is very soft and the finish is great. I also like the fact that not everyone carries HH. I see so many coach and LV (real and knockoff) bags. I wanted something stylish yet casual.

    I also have the ibiza flight tote. It's a great tote for travel although I don't think it actually works too well when folded in half. I think the snaps are too low for the bag to fully fold in half. Good concept though.
  8. Right now, I have a currant Nico XX Hobo and a clutch wallet in Plum. The colors are so pretty and vibrant! I love HH because of the variety of styles. The designers are "spot on" on most of the bags.

    The leather on my Nico is incredible. So soft, pettable, and I LOVE that they style is so smooshy. If I could change one thing about the Nico, it would be the rolled straps. They kind of dig in my shoulder when I carry a lot in the bag, but if I'm carrying light, then it's ok. It still works because I'm not a heavy packer.

    The styles are definitely eye-turning. You don't see a lot of women carrying HH bags around here, so I love that as well. I like having something a little different.
  9. The only thing I don't like much is the leather but that's a love/hate relationship. I LOVE the softness but that also makes it very delicate. It's pretty easy to take a chunk out of it if you're not careful.
  10. I appreciate all the long responses about why these bags are great/bad.

    I see a lot of comments about the leather quality but nothing about the finish. Is it a matte or a shiney leather? Does it depend on the bag?
  11. It depends on the bag, but I must say, I haven't seen a glazed leather on one of these bags, yet.
  12. It's so classy and understated but beautifully crafted.
  13. I have a Hudson triple strap satchel and I like it because the design is perfect for me. And the color and leather is beautifull.

    Indiaink, I'm so with you on the "cheaper alternative to..." thing. Everytime I see someone recommend "my" bag as a good alternative to Bal City, I cringe. Apart from the 3 straps, I don't think these bags look alike at all. The leather is different, the design is different (I prefer HH's), etc. I also buy bags because I love them, not because they're a replacement for something more expensive.
  14. I love the leather on my Nomade Hobo. It's not shiny. It's got this crinkled look to it that just looks cool. This leather feels better than my leather sofa, and it's a really nice sofa. I've only had my bag a week, but it looks like it will last a long time. I am stunned by the quality. I have a Coach Hobo and everything gets lost in the bottom. The lining on the HH make it easy to see your stuff. It's a big bag and I can find everything. All the pockets are an added bonus. Another thing about this bag is that the strap stays on my shoulder. Both my Coach shoulder bags constantly fall off.

    My dislikes are the weight. It feels heavy, but I've not carried a bag of this size ever. I ordered a Mercer wallet and the coin section is to small for me. It's a really nice wallet, but it's just not right for me.
  15. i just got a plum inka, my first hh bag. i love the buttery soft leather and the fact that it feels special--every time i go out with it i get compliments!