Why do you like Birkin Bags

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  1. Hey everyone over here in the Hermes thread, I don't know much about Birkin bags, other than the basics
    1. Really exclusive can range from 5G-well probably as much as you wanted to spend (I saw one w/ diamonds on the hardware in vouge a couple years ago :amazed:)
    2. Have to wait to get one, unless your somebody
    3. THE BAG everyone in the fashion world admires

    Here's my question: Why do you like birkin bags?

    I have to say I'm a fan but after really thinking about what I wanted in a luxury bag I came to these conclusions.
    a. If I compare the bag to any other bag and try really hard to think it's not a birkin, it's not a birkin in my head I don't care for the style, it's kinda blah. Don't get me wrong I know the leather and the quality is to DIE for, but just looking at the bag it dosen't "light my fire."
    b. The appeal is in the exclusivity of the bag as well as the price range. So often we look for material things to validate ourselves that we are somebody. Is this why I'd pay big bucks for a bag that I'm really not that crazy about?
    c. Do I want one because everyone else wants one?

    So after all this I decided that I'm liking birkin's for the wrong reasons, I don't really even like the style of the bag...So I went and bought 4 LV Suhali bags (3 Le fabuleux's (white, blue, geranium) and 1 Le Imprevisible (plum)) becasue I love the style, the color variety, and the fact that you hardly ever hear of this bag.
  2. I have always liked the style of the Birkin and Kelly, ever since I saw Grace Kelly with the Kelly a long, long time ago. I like it because it is classic and timeless, and you look like a lady when wearing a Birkin or Kelly. Plus, these bags hold a lot.
  3. As a brand new Birkin :love: owner, I'll start :

    a. It's a rectangular belted satchel handbag with maybe a little bit more eye interest than the Kelly because of the cutouts. But Kelly has hand and shoulder strap. A pretty basic shape, yes, but the hardware and belt add to it, not to mention the lock and clochette. This basic style is also what makes it an enduring classic.

    I find it very hard to separate the appearance of the bag from it's painstaking method of creation or it's creme de la creme components,
    not to mention it's iconic status so I can't look at it with fresh eyes and see just a boxy handbag. A Birkin is far from blah.Get up close and personal with one :biggrin:

    b. Quote: "The appeal is in the exclusivity of the bag as well as the price range. So often we look for material things to validate ourselves that we are somebody. Is this why I'd pay big bucks for a bag that I'm really not that crazy about?"

    Can't deny the pride of possession. And not everyone will have this bag. it's a wonderful thing to truly appreciate and own a rare item, be it bag, painting, car, boat, antique,etc. The majority of people I see day to day will not have a clue as to what this bag is.

    c. I can't imagine investing in something just because others liked it. It's very distressing to think that there are those that will carry one because they have merely the means to and not the appreciation for it. But it's that way with many things these days. Buy what you love! Sounds like you have ;)
  4. I truly love the style of the birkin and it does "light my fire". I would never spend so much money on something I am not crazy about.
  5. I love the style. Too often nowadays bags are so "busy." I also like that you can tuck in the flap and wear it semi-opened.
  6. Forgot to say that you surely didin't go wrong with your Suhali purchases. Those are incredible bags!
  7. I have always loved the shape and quality of Kellys and Birkins. I have been obsessed with these bags ever since I was about 18, now I'm in my forties.. so you do the maths..!! I bought my first Kelly in 1991 and my first Birkin in 1997 when they weren't even half as popular as today. But I still love them as much now as the first day, what other bag can last you that long without ever going out of style... ;) :biggrin:
  8. Duna, THANK YOU! :amuse:

    Sometimes I do feel a little guilty... :shame: if you know what I mean. Your post made me feel so much better about my Hermes purchases! :smile:
  9. I like the craft manship out in to them.
  10. Gigi, I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty, I still do now when I buy a H bag, but then I think that I will enjoy them all my life and hopefully my daughters will after me, so WTH..!! I do try not to buy too much other stuff ( bags, clothes etc..) when I start craving for a new H bag.. this makes me feel a bit less guilty..;) :biggrin:
  11. I love the history, the quality, craftsmanship, and the useability (is that a word?) of the bag(s) -- I also have loved them for a long time, and bought 2 about 12 years ago, since sold them (different styles I didn't care for or use), and now have 2 more...I am liking the classic, timeless style of them more and more....plus I don't think many (if any) people I know or around my area would know what the bags are and I like to be a little "different":amuse: