why do you have to pay to return a fake??

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  1. I don't understand why someone would have to pay for shipping to return a counterfeit item that was sold to them on ebay? The seller sold me a fake. Why should I be out money because someone tried to scam me?? I just don't get it.

    Should I push to not pay return shipping on the fake?? I just feel like they knew it was fake because now they are saying that they were just trying to get rid of a few things and now they will never use ebay again.

    Why should a buyer be punished for believing the system works???

    any advice??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The last time I returned an item that was not as described, which was decided by eBay after I escalated an eBay claim, the customer service representative sent me a pre-paid shipping label that could be used with UPS or USPS. I suggest you contact eBay and ask for this specifically. :yes:
  3. Should I contact them through the website or call???

    I'm glad it worked out for you!!
  4. I just saw a link for Escalate Claim!
    I'm going to try that now!

    Thanks again!
  5. I would call. They seem to be more motivated to actually listen to you if you call, or at least that's what I've noticed. :P
  6. Definitely escalate as soon as you can. You need to get this resolved! Good luck!
  7. I think that might be better too! I'm having trouble getting the right words to fit in the response box! LOL!
  8. UPDATE:

    I finally heard back on the written Escalated Claim. The email said for me to return the bag. Since I am on vacation there was no way I could do that in the time frame listed. Thanks to blackonmaroon I was able to find the phone number to call ebay. Once I got to talk to an actual person they sounded surprised that I was to return the fake purse. She told me the refund would be made and for me to destroy the fake purse!

    I have gotten my refund and the case is closed! That bag will be destroyed when I get back home.

    Now I need to figure out what to write on the sellers feedback....
  9. Just be honest about the fake bag! You're doing a service for other prospective buyers. :tup:
  10. I am glad it worked out for you! I was going to say, from my experience with receiving a fake item, Paypal made me show proof that it was fake, and once I did, they refunded me and told me to destroy the item. Actually, I had to argue for that though.. I kept insisting that I shouldn't have to send it back since that is putting a fake back into the seller's hands. It took a few tries but finally a good rep. agreed with me!
  11. I agree be honest! Congrats on the refund! :biggrin:
  12. I know that I have learned from this experience!

    Yep, I've learned! :smile:
  13. Glad that you got your refund and to know that the bag will be destroyed

    but just as important is was a learning experience for you...
  14. OP, congrats on the refund!

    I won 2 claims last year and noticed that Paypal does not always work the same way.

    For the first bag, I was asked to get a written letter of non-authentication, sign an affidavit and destroy the bag. Had so much fun carving up the obscene fake :yahoo:

    The second bag was a little different. I was simply asked to return the bag with full tracking, insurance, the works. I argued and argued because the return shipping was so expensive, but it fell on deaf ears.

    I just received my third fake bag. Have escalated it to a claim and am waiting for PP's decision.