Why do you count postings?

  1. Is there a reason why you count how many postings are made since the first day of membership and the average per day? Why is there excitement when someone reaches so many posts...ie. ten thousand posts. I'm just curious...thanks!
  2. It is a standard function that comes with the forum software. Disabling it wouldn't make much sense...
  3. I've never been on a Forum that DIDN'T have a post counter. Thank goodness we do, how else could we let people into the MP ;)
    J/J, but I see it as an important tool coming from a Mod's POV.
    If someone is advertising, I can see if they've really contributed to tPF or if they only have 3 posts I can quickly check it by looking at their post count and it'll immediately tell me they likely joined just to spam us.
    I think only a small percentage of people, compared to how many members we have here actually "get excited" when they see themselves hitting big posting milestones.
    The people who get excited probably are happy they aren't so new anymore, or maybe they feel like they've really contributed or whatever.
    It's cute to read them sometimes IMO, I like that people are excited by participating here, this website is really like none other IMO.
  4. Vlad...No it wouldn't make any sense.

    Swanky...Yes...that makes sense to me.
  5. I love knowing how many posts we all have. ITA with Swanky's well said post. You know where people are coming from, some of the time, if they are new. We all need help every now and then. Also it's nice to help the newer people here out, if they need it (post count lets you know all of the above). Navigating around and such can be tricky for the newer people. Great board :heart: nothing like it.:nuts:
  6. ITA, it kind of gives us a sense of community. we respect the more established members and help out the new people. i love this place.:love: