Why do you carry LV? Quality, status, brandname?

  1. Just curious...

    I have fallen in LoVe with LV not because it is a status symbol (I am FAR from rich or prestigious LOL), but because they have quality, classy, timeless handbags....that appeal to all ages.

    Why do YOU carry LV? :p
  2. All 3 of the above, my LV wallet and eye-glass case is over 30 years old and still in great condition. When i was in the store recently the SA where telling me people still ask for the eyeglass case I have. Of course because of the size of my sunglasses now, it can only hold my smaller reading glasses
  3. I would say that Quality and Style are my first priorities which brought me to LV in the first place.
  4. the quality, and i guess the style. i really love vernis because i looove shiny things, and they're not like any other bags i ever seen before. i just think they're gorgeous.

    and with the others (cherry blossom, cerises), i just think the designs are so friggin' cute! :d and i like how it's limited edition, so you won't see tons of ppl with the same bag
  5. To me, they are the perfect mix of modern and classic. Also, they just feel great and are a delight to carry and use! :tup:
  6. Well I carry LV because I love the styles, and they will last FOREVER. And I'm not gonna lie, I like it when people are like,"Ohh she has LV" I like to be noticed every now and then, but that is the least most important reason why I carry LV.
  7. All 3
  8. I've had several name brand bags (such as Coach and Prada) and the quality is no comparison. After 6 months, the zipper pull on the Prada had to repaired.

    LV is so far, the best bag I've ever carried. Plus, I would feel good carrying it----even if I was in my pj's!!!:yes::yes::heart:
  9. I buy LV because I simply like it. I don't buy it to be better than anyone or to make people think I am rich. I just like it!
  10. I had different phases of LV:

    First: I was attracted to the design. I grew up in no man's land of no LV so I didn't really know of the hype before after buying which leads to...

    phase two: the fun of the logos and flashion! Yes, I admit, sometimes it's fun to flash a logo. You get a lot of attention, both negative and positive. Hardly anyone recognise "quality" these days, but anyone can recognise and LV!! However, after a few negative episodes regarding attention and discovering the differences in quality within the brand itself...

    Phase three: Appreciation of quality, possibilities and the silent side of LV. Now I go for material in addition to design. I've also got a lot more experience in how to judge the quality and I'm amazed at how big the difference is within LV itself. I don't think I'll ever buy a coated canvas bag again.

    Phase four(?): Different bags for different purposes. I tend to use and appreciate all of my LV. SOmetimes I like being flashy and outrageous, other times, well, most of the time that is, I like the subtel quality. :yes:

    One thing I never did was to try to give people the impression that I was rich though. I don't think people have much knowledge at all on how much it costs around here anyways, I think many believe it's mostly a fashion fad.
  11. well put!
  12. I am new to LV but what brought me to this brand was its quality, attention to detail, customer service and history.
  13. Quality and style, and I must admit, their branding is great!
  14. I feel the same! I came to LV because I was tired of my trendy bags going out of style, and wanted reliable classic shapes, durability and quality (not to mention resale value).
  15. Because it's beautiful.