Why do you buy Toki Doki? What makes it a *fashion* brand instead of just kawaii?

  1. I personally love Toki Doki prints, because I love everything cute and kawaii.

    And why do you girls and boys buy Toki Doki? What makes Toki Doki stand out as a fashion brand instead of being just another kawaii brand like Sanrio?

    Why are these bags with kawaii characters are cooler and considered to be less childish than, for instance, Hello Kitty? Why wear Toki Doki instead of just any Japanese kawaii stuff? There are lots of kawaii companies, like Sanrio and San-X. Why only Toki Doki is in fashion? What makes it cooler for you personally?

    Why are Toki Doki bags considered to be more stylish and less kitsch than the outrageous (and expensive) Judith Leiber crazily cute clutches (like the one with a pig and the one with a poodle)?

    Would you not be ashamed of wearing a cutesy bag like this around? How do Toki Doki bags fit your style?

    Are there any other cutesy bags you like and would definitely buy?

    If there were more fashion brands with cute and kawaii characters on bags (as opposed to just kawaii brands like Hello Kitty), would you buy such bags? Why would you buy such bags? And what would you look for in their design?

    Thanks, I'd love to talk to like minded people!
  2. i buy tokidoki bags because i love them! the characters are adorable, the bags are wellmade, and the whole style or fashion itself is just so out-of-this-world. i find that tokidoki fits my personality...very original, cute, bubbly, and just kind of crazy. i love wearing the bags because they make me feel happy, and i love when i notice other people sneaking a peak at my bag and smiling at it or commenting on how cute it is. i don't think i would buy "just another cute bag" because tokidoki is so special to me now :smile:
  3. I'm sorry if you're genuinely interested in what the tokidoki fans really like about the line, but the series of questions you posted looks like research for marketing.

    Personally, the designs of tokidoki seem more sophisticated and intricate to me than Hello Kitty. They are more aesthetically pleasing to me than what Sanrio or San-X produces.

    Also, the way you phrased your questions makes them sound insulting. "Would you not be ashamed..." No, I proudly wear my bags because even if it's not to others' tastes, I LOVE them. I have seen Tokidoki designs from other manufacturers or clothing labels and they do not appeal to me as much as the LeSportsac line.

    If you really look at how these bags are made and the details on them (different colored metal rivets, the rainbow zippers, vachetta trim), you know that they are not just another "cutesy bag."

    And the name of this forum is clearly Tokidoki, not "Toki Doki."
  4. the series of questions you posted looks like research for marketing...

    I'm totally with you kkimm, that's just what I was thinking...
  5. Actually I like tokidoki just for the fact that it is cute (or "kawaii" as you put it) and not because it is a "fashion brand". Being an artist I have great respect for Simone Legno and his work so from an art standpoint, his designs are solid, well-done and extremely creative. The bags are well-made so you can't go wrong there. For me, the "brand" has nothing to do with it. There are some tokidoki prints that I really don't much care for.
  6. I was just going to post the same response!
    Olgavd, as a fellow tokidoki fan, what are your own answers to your questions?
  7. Not reseach for marketing. But you nearly got it right. :smile:)) I'm doing it for a future blog post. I've got a blog about kawaii things in fashion (called Fashionably Cute).
  8. OK, my responses to my own questions are.

    The reasons why it stands out from the average kawaii line, why it's cooler and is a fashion brand are:

    Fashion targeted marketing. They positioned the bags as fashion rather than kawaii items from the start, it was fresh and almost unique. They targeted the fashion crowd rather than kids and giftware collectors.

    The designs are less saccharine cute and more "artsy" and stylish, they obviously fit the fashion concept better.

    I would have said Toki Doki bags are less kitsch because the designer knows where to stop, but I do think they are quite kitsch ;) There's nothing bad about kitsch if you know how to pull it off, there are no recipes on pulling it off, because it's very individual and depends on the person, imho.

    I can wear anything that has a kawaii character on it, be it Hello Kitty or anything else, it fits any style I adopt, even pretty glamorous wear, I often add kawaii details (such as little bags, wallets, key chains, scarves, hats, gloves, mobile phone bling or jewelry), that's part of my image ;)

    As for other cute and kawaii bags, I love what Lulu Guinness is doing and I love some obscure Japanese brands, and a somewhat known Japanese brand called Swimmer.

    I'd love to see new kawaii bag lines. I'm looking for something less childish, but not creepy motives and dark "royal" colors. Not pink/blue/white. Also, kawaii bags should have a touch of humour. Look at Japanese brand San-X Lous Vuitton Multicolore "knockoffs" with teddy bear heads in place of LVs, this is fun!
  9. Hey, please don't be insulted. Unfortunately, the internet doesn't allow express emotions and intonations. I didn't mean that you should be ashamed. I was trying to say why are you proud of wearing them in a society where cute (which is often labeled as kitschy, even though there's nothing wrong with kitsch) is not so mainstream as drab and boring (which is sometimes labeled elegan, even if it's often not)

    Sorry, I haven't seen them in real life, haven't seen them for sale in my area (Russia to be precise, please let me know if you find any here), I don't own one. I just admire them online and in fashion mags. I love the idea of marrying fashion with kawaii in an elegant way per se, first of all.
  10. Ironically, I think it's Tokidoki that sort of got me into kawaii stuff! You're very right about it being targeted to fashion connoisseurs rather than people who are into collecting toys and other novelties. Also, the fact that it's widely available in North America and not merely exclusive to Japan or other Asian countries heightens its exposure; therefore, it doesn't just target a niche audience. I'll admit that I wasn't the type of person who really liked cutesy things, however I find Tokidoki very unique and I like how the patterns are a scene that almost seem to tell a story. Now I have become more open-minded and I am branching out into other, more traditionally kawaii brands including Sanrio.
  11. tokidoki is so unique, and it can really make a plain outfit cute and interesting. it's not common at my mainland college, and i think i'm the only student who's carried it there. =D
  12. I've always liked cute things. :shrugs:
    I still like Sanrio. And San-X. And all things "kawaii." I don't expect that I'll stop liking them. I just buy what I like & wear what I like. I really just don't care how childish it may make me seem.
    & I'd get other cute 'fashion'-brand things with cute characters, just as long as I thought they were cute. I think some "cute" things are awful (see: harajuku lovers). I don't find Judith Leiber's bags to be cute, so if I could afford it, I'd prefer Murakami for LV, which I do like.
    I don't think this helps. :shrugs: :biggrin:
  13. I'm going to go with a combination of art-c and jellybebes' responses here. As an artist, I too have a great respect for Simone Legno's artwork. He's an incredibly talented artist and you can tell that he puts a lot of effort into creating each character and building a theme around them. His designs are really fluid and I like that as I build my collection, I will still see some of my favorite characters reappear on new bags whilst introducing me to new characters as well. The bags seem to be very well-made compared to similar products and are unique all around. There are so many different styles and I love that you have the option to get your favorite print in your favorite bag style and aren't just limited to one or two. I may not be a fan of every print, but overall I really admire Simone's artwork and the brands quality.

    I'm really sad that the line is ending, but I hope to continue seeing his work on new bags and/or merchandise and maybe there will be some re-releases!! ^_^
  14. Because I'm forever young at heart (and looks) therefore cartoony prints appeal to me and will always complement my outfit :biggrin:

    Tokidoki always amuse. Even my handbag-hating husband loves staring at my tokis for minutes, every character has something to do and we'll hardly tire looking at the same print over and over.
  15. i love tokidoki because each character has a story and life. they're a family created to address some issues in society that have been designed to communicate to, and be acccessed by all people - a part of the sophistication of his designs. the continuous lesportsac prints mean each bag is unique, and focus on different characters. but particularly, tokidoki represents a whimsical, bubbly and happy-go-lucky part of my personality