Why do you buy the cles?

  1. I see a lot of ladies buy multiple pieces of the cles in different color, lines, etc. My questions for you are:

    What can they be used for? A multipurpose small holder?
    Do you use it daily?
    Is it worth the money?

    After seeing so many of you with them, I'm so tempted to get one too :tender: :tender:
  2. it can be used as a coin purse, and there's a snap hook on one end that can be used as a keyring :yes:
  3. I use them sometimes two at a time, I may hang one from my bag or on the inside D ring, and I always have one on my keys, I keep an emergency credit card in it, some business cards, change, maybe a dollar or two, I run into a lot of situations where I only have my keys on me, this way I don't have to worry about not having a bus. card when I need it for work, not having a credit card, etc.....b/c I always have my keys.....
  4. They're cute :heart:
    I use one for keys, a couple for extra credit cards, sometimes I'll hang one off my bag and my round Cerises one is for change. I think I use about 4 on any given day.
  5. Thanks for your responses...I guess you do get a lot of uses out of it. I've always thought that they're cute, but I keep thinking...am I really gonna use it that much?

    That's a good point about always having your keys but not money/business cards. Sometimes I run out of my car for something quick and then I then realize I need money when I have none, then I would have to go back to the car.

    Lola, I'm really in love with the perfo cles after seeing yours! I think I want one of those! But then i also like the vernis. Maybe I'll get an indigo cles instead of waiting until I can save up enough for an indigo FP...which for sure will be long gone. Arrrrggg...decision decisions.
  6. i only have one, and i bought it because i really really want something from mc line, and my money that time only enough for a cles :P
    i used it for my cc and atm cards...
  7. well, if you like the perfo get it now, the vernis isn't going anywhere at the moment, the perfo is bigger too so you can fit even more in it, I'm actually using it to keep my blue tooth headset in on top of the other staples I like to keep in my cles.....the vernis cles is great, but probably the one with the least amount of room of all the cles.....just for your info so you can make the best choice....
  8. i use my cles for quick errands. they hold my credit card, license, folded cash, and some change. they are very convenient and a definite staple to have
  9. that's funny, that's what I do when I HAVE to have at least something from a certain line, I at least get a cles, it makes sense for me b/c they are a major part of my functioning life..lol....anyway, I think I'm going to do the suhali so I have something suhali.....I happen to love the leather, but most of the bags are actually a little busy with the hardware for me ( I like it, just not my style) and the price is just too steep for something I don't love love love, I do love the small leather goods thought, oh, and the lockit, but still out of my comfort price zone right now......
  10. i love the cles, i use it for coins mostly. you should get one!!!
  11. Lola24, you know i've been eyeing your cles collection. they are just TDF... it would be great if you can have every line in cles.
    good luck on the suhali, it looks so pretty :P
  12. Aw, thank you, I've been collecting them for, well, started about 10 yrs ago, I'm sorry I didn't get my yellow epi one when I got my yellow epi pochette, I made sure to get both the pochette and cles in the madarin though to make up for that mistake......from now on, I don't hold back on the cles, they're just different for me than bags, I don't get as bored with them and I use them will ALL my bags LV or not every day.....
  13. good luck with conquering the cles lines :P
  14. hey ya,
    i dont own a cles - yet!!! but i'm totally eyeballing one up!!! i got my friend one for her b-day, she was quite scared to use it 'coz its LV etc.... but shes using it everyday now!!! :wlae: which is awesome!!! she's got her house keys on it, and keeps coins and the important cards in her cles... she thinks its great!!!!
  15. I've got the orange perfo cles, and it's originally meant for my keys. BUT, I couldn't bear for the orange microfibre lining to be colored by metal or smell of metal, so now it's just used to contain credit cards and folded cash!
    And I'm going to get a mono mini pochette cles to contain keys and coins as the lining is not microfibre!
    What a great excuse to buy another LV item!! :lol: