Why do you buy Hermes?

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    I keep buying Hermès because I am lazy - it is my one-stop lovely, considered item shop where I can't be bothered scouring the earth for a nice shirt, carafe, chair, wallet - but the truth is, not everything they make is to my tastes, and I won't be fooled into bending my aesthetic to fit it. Also, for their policy of service and repair, which is very important to me, as I don't want to life a "throwaway" life.
  2. Buying my first Kelly was a childhood dream come true.
  3. Hey Julide This post is for you since you thought the above was funny. Made a trip to Costco after making the above post. On the way there, I was nearly run over by a lane weaving Rolls Royce sedan. I guess the driver forgot he was not in his sports car. Said to myself --"I did not exaggerate."

    It is no accident that LA culture spawned Kim Kardashian and all the shallow, Birkin-carrying, image-over-substance insanity that she has come to represent.
  4. Started in 91 with a scarf. Liked originally because of quality. That seems to be waning with everything from bags to scarves. Pulled threads, stitching problems, favoritism with regard to stereotyping on the part of the SA's, and perpetually unavailable inventory have turned me off the brand for new acquisitions.

    For bags, I'm into other brands. H still rules for scarves, but their bags have lost lustre for me.
  5. :lol:You are lucky!! Almost being run over by a handmade car like that says so much about your status!;)Its like being run over by a birkin!!:giggles:
  6. I can appreciate and relate to the aesthetic fit & not living a throwaway life...

    Impeccable customer service after purchase should be priority w/o bias, just like selling.

    :roflmfao: I agree :lol::lolots:

  7. Oh yeah. Costco is where all the status conscious people go. If I die in traffic, I will have DH put on my tombstone

    I may be dead, but I was hit by XXXX.
  8. :roflmfao:Too funny!!
    Costco is soo much better than Walmart as far as status goes!!;)
  9. Yeah and I heard they are going to start carrying Birkins.
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  11. :lolots:Side cramp, laughing too hard!:lolots:

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  13. Oh sorry if I have the unbridled enthusiasm of a new H lover, but I LURVE it!!!

    I mean, after my first B, I really didn't want any other bag!!

    (Except maybe a K, or a KP, or a C, or an M, or an J :giggles:smile:

    For me, the question is not "Why do you buy Hermes?" It's "Why wouldn't I buy Hermes?"

    I LURVE all the different leathers, I LURVE all the different colors.....Even if you love only a couple styles, it seems so fun to build a little collection! Hermes bags are delicious!! :loveeyes:

    I'm a finance girl at heart too.....B's seem more of a lifetime bag than any other that I know of! And they keep their value pretty well given the annual price increase....So it seems like a wise purchase to boot!

    I think some collectors miss the old days when B's weren't swung-around ostentatiously by starlets as status symbols. I don't know how I would feel in that position, but from where I stand it doesn't bother me at all. I just focus on wearing my H as well as I can, and enjoying every minute of life, with H and outside H!
  14. I like H bags especially Birkin and Kelly followed by GP ways back when i was only earning a few hundred a month which i cant even afford a Coach. I just like the design not into their leather stuffs. OF course i expect it lasts for years. But are other brands like Chanel or LV or BV. So I guess after joining TPF, i became so bold tat it made me make the first step of splashing my hard earned money on a real H bag. I think i m following the trend plus if I need to spend so much $$ let it be something worthwhile which i can pass it to DD or sell later on.
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:.................are you serious?