why do you buy cles?

  1. It is entirely possible that someone has already posted about this, but I didn't seem to find anything, so bear with me!

    I just bought my first damier speedy, and I find myself now totally eyeing cles and wanting one, but I'm not sure why! :drool:

    Do you guys buy cles to hang as charms off of your bags? If so, are they empty? Or do you put all your essentials (i.e. cc, keys) into the cles and then hang it off your bag for easy access? Or do you use your cles totally separately from bags, as a quasi-wallet for quick trips or nights out when you can't carry a bag? Or does it serve sometimes - hanging off your bag - to distinguish your LV from fakes (i read someone's suggestion to do that for mono speedies)?

    Sorry for all the questions - love to hear what you all think! :yes:
  2. All 3 :smile:
  3. I use mine to hold my cards and papers. They pretty much serve a"s "wallets" with my cash thrown in the bag. Yes, I am one of the most disorganized purse ppl ever! haha
  4. I use mine as a small wallet to hold my cash/cards. I buy to collect also.
  5. i have several cles,and use them as wallets(don't have one)and charm and key holder lol. It's great when i am in crowded place, i can clip to belt loop and tuck in jeans' pocket. i've attached a pix of epi rouge cles w/azur speedy 30 to give you an idea how it would look. cles are great to replace wallet when you are using pochette.
    Perfo Cles holds the most>Mono/Damier>Epi/Vernis>MC
    S4300227_大小 .JPG
  6. I use mine for keys, cards, coins and receipts. I hardly carry wallet this days..
  7. All 3 also. I didn't think they were useful, but now I've changed my mind. Now it's my wallet that's neglected.
  8. I buy the cles because they are sooo cute! I use it to put my cc, and id.
  9. I use my cles to zip my keys in it so the keys don't scratch the inside of my purse and I also keep some change in it for my daily coffee fix.
  10. right now i use mine for holding coins cuz the coin zipper on my current wallet broke...I tried attaching house keys on it, but I have really big bags and tend to just yank it out of my bag and was scared the chain would rip off....so I took it off...

    but I find it really useful because when I go for lunch and don't want to bring my wallet with me or when I carry my smaller purses it's really handy to put my cash and cards in it so it's not just loose in my bag or pocket!

    You should definitely get one!!! I didn't think I would ever get one but when I saw it at the store and more around the forum I got obsessed and couln't stop thinking about it!

  11. Must be cause you're always zooming round in that car!!! no time to organize:p
  12. ah, good idea about keys not scratching inside of purse, didn't think bout that one b4.:wlae:
  13. I use the key fob to hold my keys and use the Cles for change. :biggrin:
  14. I use mine to hold keys and my office entry pass.
    If I'm going out and bringing a small clutch with me, I'll use the cles to hold a credit card and some bills instead of taking the whole wallet with me.
  15. It's the lightest thing you can carry, plus add license credit cards and cash... what more do you need...