Why do you buy BBags?


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Sep 29, 2008
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Ok, drinking too much wine too early, and another question came to the forefront...

Why do you personally buy balenciaga bags?

Is it only because you feel the style compliments your personality?

Do you buy them because you like them, but more because it is a status symbol to impress your friends?

Do you buy them because your favorite celebrity has them?

Do you buy them because you love the style, and even though you really shouldn't spend the money, you want to splurge a little on yourself and enjoy the luxury?

Or are you just a hoarder and have decided that you have to have every style in every color to go with every outfit???:biggrin:

A couple of years ago I thought I would never spend more than a few hundred dollars on a bag. I completely blame TPF for my bbag addiction, LOL!!!

I'm not SUPER RICH, but if I wanted to, I could easily buy a $5k bag and be totally OK with it. However, Hermes and Chanel just don't do it for me. When I saw the bbag giant hardware I fell in love with the rocker chic side of it, and then I was hooked.

As far as quality goes, I'm sorry to say that some of my Cole Haan bags I've had in the past FAR out succeed the quality and leather of some of the bbags I've gone through.

So in part, for me, it is the secret splurge of having a bag worth over 1k that everyone looks at, but has no idea that it's that expensive, along with the fact that it really suits my style and personality. I've never been into the branding symbols or logos, so it's my little secret. :P I feel that if Ralph Lauren, Chanel, or LV want free advertising from me, then they should give me the clothing or bags for free!!!

I am almost 40 and do feel that I deserve it, but I work from home, so really don't need more than a few bags. I feel that owning 3-4 expensive bags equals the expense of some people who have 30-40 more inexpensive bags.

I know there was a recent poll of financial status of bbag buyers, but I was more interested in the driving force behind the purchase, not whether you have the finances to be spending the money or not.

Please share!!!!;)


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Jan 19, 2009
It's my indulgence. I've worked hard for pretty much all my life and take care of others and my family. I pay for my brother and sister's tuition before I can even pay off my own loans to help out the family, and send money to my extended family overseas. I don't own a car and take public transportation. Currently I work the graveyard shift. I feel like I need to treat myself, otherwise working myself ragged silly would be pretty hard.

As for bbags - I like the classic style. It's the symmetry of the regular hardware, along with the carefree, long tassels presented in an array of wonderful colors that drew me in - notably the city. I like how it's lightweight and simple. I'm not for the status and brand. I like a classic, good quality leather bag I can carry around that can complement my personality and style. I could care less who else carries it and celebrities are probably the last thing I look at.
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My indulgence too. I don't drink, take drugs or smoke. I lead a pretty private life and I can afford Bbags. Although we can afford some nice things, I really don't like status symbol purchasing - just for the sake of it or to be wearing a name. I like Balenciaga because there is no aires & graces about it. They are rocking good bags. I only buy chevre leather. I love how the Bal name isn't mentioned at all on the outside of the bag. It's the same with cars for me. I wouldn't be caught dead in a black Mercedes. We do live in a nice house though...That's one thing I can't do without ;)


Mar 6, 2007
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Well I just got my 1st and my 2nd is on the way.

My reason... I have been a purse addict for a little over 2 years. Became a member of tPF at that time. Recently started browsing tPF again this summer after getting a bunch of crazy deals on mid-range bags (Coach & B. Makowsky) at Macy's, Nordstrom Rack, outlet, etc. I was thinking about getting another LV or 2 for my b-day. Then I wandered into the Balenciaga forum and BAM! I really liked them. So I was already a purse addict, I had already been thinking about spending LV level money for my b-day, and I fell pretty quick & hard after seeing the pics here.

That's all there is to it for me. Although I don't think I will wind up with TOO many Bbags. I do still like to keep a decent amount of savings and would like to accumulate a decent retirement fund, and I love to travel. So a splurge now & again, definitely. I could see a 3rd one in my future. But not TOO soon.

Edit: I also don't drink, do drugs, smoke.... or have kids. (Kids are more expensive than bags.)


Nov 13, 2007
So in part, for me, it is the secret splurge of having a bag worth over 1k that everyone looks at, but has no idea that it's that expensive, along with the fact that it really suits my style and personality. I've never been into the branding symbols or logos, so it's my little secret. :P I feel that if Ralph Lauren, Chanel, or LV want free advertising from me, then they should give me the clothing or bags for free!!!
I most agree with this aspect. It's my dirty little secret. I've "outgrown" the showy logos and obvious branding. Bbags are very high end, but quietly so -- kind of like my diamond Cartier Love rings, which I would prefer over a 3 carat solitaire any day for similar reasons. I love that they at once high end and edgy and rocker-chic. Plus... I like that they're not common.


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May 10, 2009
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What an interesting thread: almost like psychotherapy for my habit!

I have always loved bags. I love brand-less, worn-in clothing (preferably 2nd hand or vintage), do not spend on drink, drugs, cigarettes or beauty treatments, have cut my own hair since I could safely handle scissors, instead channeling that money towards our young son, good food, mortgage and Bbags.

I fell in love with Bbags for the brand-less, vintage, well-worn appeal, after trying the more structured looks of LV, Gucci and Chanel, as well as some gorgeous Deadly Ponies leather bags. I found I felt overly conspicuous with LV, Gucci and Chanel.

I love Bbags for their lightness, soft leather, the variety of bright colours, and - oddly enough, how all the different styles are essentially the same. That "sameness" means I can transfer all my paraphernalia from one Bbag to another, and still have everything in the same place (I like to swap my bags around). When I used to carry bags from different brands, I had a terrible habit of "losing" my mobile and keys within the depths of the different bags.

Now, I have the "same" in different colours (suits the bowerbird/magpie in me) and varying styles. The bowerbird / magpie in me is thus satisfied, as is the disorganised girl who (used to - not anymore) has difficulty locating her things in her bag.
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Aug 21, 2006
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I feel guilty about buying Bal but bought a couple becuase I am a "leather junkie" - I have this thing for really good leather - love the quality, smell, feel, etc. - I am also a Coach gal but only the really good leather bags - I like the fact that there is no name on them, love the cool "biker" style and hot colors - not a lot of people have them and most do not know how much they cost - they are a casual look that suits my lifestyle - I also do not really indulge in any other expensive designer items - just love my bags!

People would be shocked to know a low key person such as myself has such expensive bags. Years ago $100 was tops for me too - I dont plan on buying many Bal - I expect them to last a lifetime.

Andy celebritys - yuck - cant stand most of them - I have my own style which is better than any silly celebrity
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May 14, 2008
I buy them because I like them and I like nice, soft, squishy leather. I won't wear clothing or accessories that are branded externally so that I am an unpaid adverstisement for the company. That knocks out alot of designer brands. Bals attracted me because they were not like that, they were beautiful bags with great leather. None of my friends have any real idea what they cost. I would be somewhat embarassed if they knew what I spent on a bag, as the one thing that they do know is that I have many of them. So I'd rather that they think that I spend alot less on them than I really do. I woudn't want to be "in their faces" about the kind of money I spend, espcially if they can't afford to do the same thing.


May 30, 2009
For bal bags,i think is the colours and the leather that keep us coming back.
I love GH,it goes well with my style.LV Gucci= i used to love them in my 20's but too overwhelming for me now.:blush:


Nov 30, 2008
I started buying Balenciaga because the colors drew me in. They're bright but not flashy, if you know what I mean. I wasn't too impressed by leather/quality of the first bag I got (Mandarin GSH PT) but I decided to give Bal another shot and bought a Framboise courier on sale. That's when I fell in love with the leather. That bag did not leave my side for 6 weeks! I carried it religiously to work, out, and took it on vacation. And now I can't get enough!


Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
To be honest, Balenciaga is like my hobby/interest! I like looking at all the pictures here, studying the colors & leather. I am happy to absorb more and more knowledge about these bbags.

The biggest reason why I am so drawn to Balenciaga is because I think this *biker* style suits me really well. All my friends said they think Balenciaga suits me more than other brands. They know nothing about Balenciaga until I introduce it to them. I just think bbags go very well with my wardrobe!

And also because it is a rather “low profile” brand that does not scream on your face…I feel comfortable & joyful when wearing them, especially with all these lovely colors and hardware.


Sep 24, 2007
Love the biker style. I am on the wrong side of 30 and it helps me look younger/more chic (I think)! Balenciaga has a youthful, rocker vibe that I love.


Mar 1, 2006
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I'm a handbag addict, plain and simple! I've loved purses ever since I was old enough to carry them.

When I ventured into the bbag forum from a long term stay in Chanel, I didn't even know giant hardware existed. It was mainly to get reacquainted with Balenciaga having left the brand behind in 2004. Once I saw pics of the bags with GH I knew I was back in! The GH bags completely fit in with my style.


Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
Forget another essential point, the leather! Especially knowing that there is so much difference in one brand, within the year, season, color, style...already has all different kinds of leather, it's just interesting & fun to search for the one that I like most!