Why do you buy bags?

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  1. Ok... after being with my boyfriend for 1.5 years i think he finally had the courage to ask me about my shoes/bag obsession. I notice that whatever store im in, the first thing i look out for are the shoes and bags.. then the clothes. He asked... "why do you buy bags?" naturally i looked at him as though it was the most strangest question ive ever been asked :huh: ... It'll be like me askin him... "why do you change motorbikes/cars every 6 months?" :hrmm: 3 to me - 1 to him :cool:

    My shoe collection is big enough to have its own room... actually... my shoes do have its own room :shame: My bag collection has its own wardrobe, am i crazy???

    His still waitin for an answer (he'll probably have a new bike by the time he gets an answer from me).... I mean why do you ladies buy your bags? what feelings are you feelin when you're making your purchase? Why are you willing to pay so much for a bag? Do you think you're paying a lot for your bag?

    I just wanna know "what is it, about the bags"? :wondering
  2. Good question. I have a small obsession with all things fashion. I really don't have "the" answer to that question. I just love to shop.
  3. I buy bags because I think a bag can instantly change an outfit. A great bag is a statement all its own. It can dress up a casual outfit, or vice versa. They're a fun accessory to own. To me, it's not that exciting picking what clothes to wear every day, but I enjoy picking what bag to wear with each outfit.
  4. I totally agree with Cristina! I spend good amount of money on key pieces - mainly bags, some shoes, and a few clothing items, and the rest comes from discount stores and random mix and match. Bags are such great investment, I am more and more realizing, something you can sell back (though I wouldn't likely give up my lovelies :smile: or pass down to your daughters, etc. When I pick my outfit everyday, I pick which bag I'm going to carry first, then pick the rest...am I crazy??! :smile:
  5. they hold your stuff, your essential important STUFF. they go everywhere with you, holding your stuff and helping you look good at the same time.
    if that isn't a good enough reason to love bags...then...whatever, it IS.
  6. I just love bags and bags last so long. I mean, shoes and clothes eventually die out. You could have a good bag forever, though. =)
  7. It holds stuff and eventually at some point, I want that thing that holds my stuff to look good and make me feel good.
  8. because I admire beauty :smile:
  9. I know this may sound weird but....

    1) I hardly ever pay full price for clothing (with few key pieces aside). Clothing stores typically rotate every 2 weeks. By the time I really think about it, it is usually on sale or for a lesser price (not including impulse buys). Also, you don't necessarily have to buy Theory, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloe to feel pulled together. A cashmere turtleneck from somewhere else can be just as good as one by Theory.

    2) I can't say the same for purses. There is a distinct difference in quality between a bag from Chloe, Balenciaga, Dior, Chanel, etc... than you get from something from let's say Banana Republic. The right bag and shoes can make me feel instantly put together, even if I am sporting (heaven forbid) my Juicy sweats. I can wear ripped jeans and a cotton top but with my spanking new Gauncho bag, I feel like a million bucks!

    3) I love the ingenuity of a variety of bags. I may never wear a top with bright cherries with little smiley faces painted on them, but as a bag, I am willing to take more risks! Not to mention the bag can totally change an outfit too.

    4) I have a sickness in which I am trying to fulfill this empty void in my soul with calf and goat leather (or credit to Soybean, human liver on a rope)...... but I prefer to think it's reasons 1-3.
  10. to me they are peices of artwork you can carry around on display. it also represents a part of who you are- after all you chose it! sure they can cost a pretty penny.
  11. I can do without many things but definately not a nice bag!

    My husband can have his toys and I have mine!!!

  12. hehehe, your boyfriend is like my boyfriend... since we've been dating he's bought and sold at least 6-7 cars in the span of 5 years!!! he always questions me too! "why bags?" and i really should ask him "why car?" hehehehe!

    i buy bags... because i just love the fact that they come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes! PLUS, they always stand out! it can totally make or break an outfit almost! :amuse:
  13. Because they make me happy! Also, I need bags to carry all my stuff around in because they would definitely not fit in my pockets. Might as well have several beautiful bags if I need a bag anyway.
  14. Cause we're women. It's just something that can't be explained. :P
  15. Yeah, what is it about me and bags ? I really do not have an answer. I check out the bag on a person first everytime. I just love bags, then shoes, then clothes.

    I have a theory: maybe there are girls who are into mainly clothes first; and then there are girls as in this forum, who are just into bags more. I don't think we have a choice, we are cursed with this obsession. Anyways, I'm enjoying this curse ALOT. :lol: :lol: :lol: