Why do women wear fake bags?

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  1. I went for a walk and decided to have a cup of tea at a cafe on Charleville and Beverly Dr. (Beverly Hills, CA). I spent about three hours looking at women's purses. I counted 14 fakes (that I could recognize ... many more I might have missed). Yes, there were lots of real ones, I believe I saw more than 150 women in three hours!!!
    But I still wonder: Why do you think women wear replicas? Do you in your neighborhood encounter as many replicas? or is it just Beverly Hills kinda thing?

    I am curious. :confused1:
  2. Simply put, people want the perceived "status" that goes along with a high priced bag. In my opinion that has to be it because if they simply wanted a similar bag but not blatant counterfeit, there are plenty of those out there.
  3. Very well put....but they won't get the quality. I haven't gotten a new purse for so long caz I am saving up my money to get a Chanel bag....I think it would be better to just save your money and get something of quality.
  4. Maybe those women do not even care about quality in the first place.
  5. Yes, I think it is about status and not quality at all. You are SO right. I don't own too many designer bags as I can't afford them all the time. There are, out there, so many pretty well made non designer bags that it has to be the status thing.
  6. I believe it`s all about status as well.
  7. But if it's for status they're being kinda silly because carrying a fake is not a status symbol.:confused1:
    They should get the real thing to achieve that status symbol goal.:yes:
    They probably think that they're fooling people and they probably are fooling alot of people.:push:
  8. Sadly, I think there are still women out there who bought from E-bay or were given fake bags as gifts and are completly unaware that they are carrying fakes.
  9. i know its for the status but then again they themselves know its fake...i would feel like a fake myself or just feel cheap :shrugs:
  10. some justify they like the design and look but baulk at paying the price for a seasonal item... a lot of people I know can well afford to buy the real deal but it is kind of subersive to get the fake so as the be the "smarter" one who saved more money... but it's them. this is why my nasty colleague parades around with her fakes mimicking my Balenciaga colours one on one....cause it's probably a statement that she is smart to get a fake while there are people (like me) who are stupid to buy into the brand and pay top $$$.
    But personally, I don;t like the feel and look of fake bags.. you just feel different.. everytime there is a big occassion, don;t you find that you just reach for your most expensive (real) bag? The people who carry fakes pride themselves on having the smarts and the resources to get a very good copy... but they will never fool us Pfers.. even my husband is so clued in he can spot a fake B-bag walking down the street 10m away!
  11. For most it is a status symbol. This is the reason why LV's, logo'd Gucci, Fendi, etc. are the most faked. Because they are the easiest to identify as designer handbags. You have to remember that most people cannot identify fakes. We Pf'ers do because we have adopted a keen eye for fakes.
  12. How can somebody endorsing sweat shops and fake stuff feel she is "subversive" or "smarter" than somebody who buys a legit product that was made at a place where workers are treated like human beings?
  13. Irishgal, Yes, I know what you are talking about as I was fooled four times on eBay. Still, some people do buy fakes on purpose. There is a place, not far from where I was having my cup of tea, that has ALL the fakes on the window even advertising them as "cheaper" versions of the legit bag.
  14. I've always owned designer bags and spotting a fake has never been a problem for me.

    I have seen rich people with fakes, so it isn't always about if you have the money to spend or not.

    When I lived in the B. Hills area, I never saw a fake.
  15. Unfortunately, not all workers at "real" bag companies are treated that well, either.

    If your bag is made in China (like many high-end brands nowadays so using China as an example) and you haven't been to the factory yourself, I'd be interested to know how you are sure all workers there are treated like human beings.

    My apologies if this comes off harsh, but I am very involved with labor issues. I bet all of us use products that involve cruel and slave labor practices.

    A lot of our chocolate is made through slave labor. As are t-shirts, jeans and tons of sneakers.

    Rant off.

    Back on topic - I think women wear fake bags because they like the style and can't afford the real thing or just don't feel like paying big money for a bag that is going to be "out" in a matter of months. I too live in LA and know uber rich women who wear fake bags and or mix fakes with real. If you only use it for a few months and it falls apart, you're not too concerned with quality, probably.
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