Why do women choose to give birth via c-section?

  1. My post "IF" the baby doesn't turn. No decision has been made and no one is making any yet. I was merely churning in the conversation on C-section. No need to be overly sensitive.
  2. Um vagina size was being discussed as it was mentioned that some ladies that choose to have elective c-sections do so because that they want their vaginas to stay as 'intact' and tight as possible and fear that vaginal birth will change all that. There isn't a saying 'designer vaginas' for nothing, women are now paying big bucks to get their ladybits looking just how they want them to. So who is 'bragging' ???
  3. It's amazing what they'll say. After DS was out, the doctor kept shouting at the nurses/other docs, "How long till we got that baby out? How long was it? Was it more than two minutes?" I was like, "Dude, I can hear you and you are freaking me out." And he told DH, who was stuck waiting outside the OR and freaking that there were all these "Stat" pages going on, "Don't worry; Kimber's a fighter." DH was having a heart attack, since that made him worry something was wrong with me too. When I got pregnant with #2, DH refused to go back to the same OB.

    Thank you for the compliments on the bags -- It's a bag called the Lindy by Hermes. Fantastic mommy bag since it has outside pockets and can be shoulder, arm, or hand carry.


    And I totally agree that women should support each other regardless of how we give birth. This whole thing is like focusing on the wedding rather than the marriage; it's just a means to an end, and not at all the part that should be important. Thank goodness options are available.
  4. Unreal doc was like that. Ya, I had a new doc, too ;)

    Agreed. Safe, breathing baby!
  5. Right. I didn't find it inappropriate at all. Many women believe that having a natural delivery will alter the elasticity of ones vagina which can influence a woman's decision regarding having a natural or caesarean delivery. It's cool to hear other ladies experiences on the matter and it is totally relevant to the topic. I also didn't see where anyone was bragging. Stating the facts doesn't equal bragging.

    But whatever.
  6. I had a c-section.. I think recovery, both physically and emotionally afterwards was really tough! Way tougher than I'd imagine. It was elective, but only based on my decision (and the doctor's afterwards) that the baby would probably be too big, and he ended up being really huge. But I'm super tiny and my husband is ginormous, lol.

    Towards the end when the doctor would do cervical checks every week, I felt like I was going to die. Anyone else experience crazy vaginal pain? I even abstained from sex almost the whole last trimester because it was so terrible :/ Can't imagine giving vaginal birth, eek.
  7. just my penny's worth..I had three girls vaginally one with no and I mean no pain relief.. On my fourth baby at 39 weeks he turned from head down to head up..!!!so next day I had a c section.... Wow ..it was soooooo easy no pain .. I can see why people would choose c section ..! But Im lucky that I can say I have had both..The easier option is the c section without a doubt...:smile:
  8. SO interesting! My c-section was complication-free but was so much harder to bounce back from than vaginal. I would never choose one.
  9. The easier option for you was a c-section, but that's not the case for everyone (as you can see just by reading through this thread). In my own experience, I had two vaginal deliveries and my sister had two c-sections. She had a WAY harder time than I did and it took her several weeks to fully recover from her first c-section. Ease of delivery & recovery is influenced by any number of factors, so what's easier of harder for one woman, may not be for another.
  10. Same here.

    I still have twinges in my back where the epidural was done and its now 10 weeks later.
  11. I didn't have a C but I did have an epidural and even now with Vincent about 5 months old I can still feel a twinge where it was. It's not painful but just an awareness if that makes sense.
  12. Your baby is presh!!!!! :heart:
  13. Thank you :flowers:
  14. FWIW, my experience was similar to birkin girl's. I had two children vaginally and my third via c-section. Had I known at the start the difference, I would have wanted a c-section for all three. My section was much easier and much easier to recover from (for me) than my vaginal births. I know that is not the case for everyone, but it most definitely was for me.
  15. i feel fortunate that my back doesnt hurt where i got the epidural... i guess thats because i had the worst back pain through my entire pregnancy so its a reward... lol.

    recovery is definitely longer with a CS (i dont have experience with a vaginal birth to compare it to) but i dont think i will attempt a VBAC for another child if given an option. i have a really weird notion (and i know it sounds stupid) that i dont want both my tummy and down there changed up for childbirth. however its way to early to even think of another child! :lol: