Why do women choose to give birth via c-section?

  1. I'm just curious because i heard Victoria Beckham was planning on having a c-section to deliver her 4th child and if i'm correct, she's given birth via c-section with her 3 boys as well. Typically, C-Sections were used when vaginal birth posed a risk to both mom and baby but lately it seems like women are choosing to give birth this way. I'm curious as to why that is? Are there certain pros to c-sections? is it better for the baby? I'm assuming it's less painful than a vaginal birth but what are other reasons women choose c-sections over vaginal birth? I'm nowhere near ready the point of thinking of having children but this really struck my curiosity.
  2. Most doctors will not recommend that a woman have an elective c-section. The pressure from a natural delivery is actually beneficial to a newborn, and the recovery is generally easier for the mother after a natural birth. However, there are rumors that some women have tucks done at the same time as a c-section (which, again, is NOT recommended because the woman should wait to see how things settle before deciding on plastic surgery). Other women want to plan the time or date of birth or want to avoid any "stretching" that may occur with natural birth.

    In many cases, though, there are complications that might make a c-section the best bet that aren't publicized. I had two natural deliveries and one c-section (complications necessitating it), and I differ from most women in that I found recovery from a c-section MUCH easier. Had I known the difference, I would have requested a c-section with the first two as well! I know, not a popular opinion - just my experience. Perhaps VB had a complication the first time around and then decided that it was safer to continue with c-sections than to try a natural delivery (there can be complications after a c-section)?
  3. I can tell you that it's definitely not pain-free. I had a c-section for medical reasons but the recovery can be pretty painful. Not to mention that it is a MAJOR surgery so there are risks for mom and baby during the procedure and for mom after the procedure. A c-section CAN be safer for baby and mom if there are medical issues, as was the case for me. But in general, a vaginal birth is *usually* the safest choice.

    The rumor in Hollywood and other elite circles (maybe also in regular people's lives too) is that some choose c-section and have a tummy tuck too. Maybe some want to maintain their vagina/bladder...I'm not sure. I am also curious as to why anyone would choose a major surgery over a vaginal birth if there is no risk or medical reason to do so, but it's a personal decision that every woman has the right to make :yes:

    eta: as far as Victoria Beckham goes, if she had the first c-section for medical reasons (even if not), I believe that it can be dangerous or risky to have a vaginal birth for subsequent births. I know it can be done (VBAC - vaginal birth after c-section) but I know it's not recommended for everyone).
  4. If you've had a c-sect before it's considered safest to do it again.
    Most hospitals require solid proof of the need for a c-section or the doc gets in trouble.
    I was delivering twins and didn't want a c-section. My doc wanted me to have one for safety reasons and was telling me about this hospital rule.
    I've delivered both ways, vaginal is more preferable in my experience. Also, your tummy after a c-sect changes SO much over the course of that 1st year, a simultaneous tummy tuck is CRAZY! The healing could be very wonky and uneven. not a good time for a cosmetic procedure :nogood:
  5. In London it's called "too posh to push" :graucho: In fact a lot of the private doctors here give you the choice of natural vs c section. My dr told me he charged the same amount for both so it was totally up to me and he was happy to perform either. I guess you get to pick the date the baby is born which is convenient. Supposedly its supposed to help keep the slim figure as your waist and hips dont go. But with v becks you almost never see her in a bikini or bare middriff post baby.
  6. I see absolutely no truth to the statement that a c-section can help you keep a slim figure. Waist and hips change during pregnancy regardless of how you deliver. It's not as though your waist suddenly stretches out at the end - your hips and waist have already been stretched throughout the entire pregnancy.
    A slim figure is determined by things like genetics, your eating habits, your level of fitness during & after pregnancy, etc. Having a c-section changes nothing in that regard.
  7. I've actually heard that a c-section preserves the muscles of the vagina, not the waist!

  8. well not sure but for me first c section was emergency second c section i had a still born baby and the doctor said i could pick and i picked c section cause it would be hard on me not to hear that first cry so thats why i did c section my son was already dead
  9. oh but my first child was the old fashion birth so i just do what ever the doctor says
  10. ok i see my post seem confussing so i have had 3 births but i only have 2 living children . i just had to make things clear . as for mrs Becks its rumor that she want the baby to be born before prince william and his wife come to the us
  11. After observing a c-section in the clinical setting, I'm betting I could push a mack truck out of my vagina if it meant avoiding that kind of surgery. I truly hope I never have to have that done to me...
  12. I really don't think a majority of women go thru c-section for cosmetic reasons. We have better knowledge and technologies now to determine early on whether it's safer to deliver via c-section. I think people have forgotten how dangerous it was to give birth in the past. A lot of women died from child birth that could have been prevented from c section.
  13. I had a c-section for medical reasons. For my second child, a repeat section was recommended. The VBAC has risks.
  14. AFAIK about 10% of births are safer via c-section due to things like dangerous positioning of the baby, pelvic problems (those this is actually very rare -- something like 1% of babies are too big for mom's pelvis), infection, pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, that sort of thing. Basically, what would have killed a woman in the past.

    However, in the US in particular many many doctors push the c-section because it's a "procedure" and is more controllable than a vaginal birth in terms of timing, possible complications, etc. Tort law in the US means doctors are wide open to lawsuits, so they tend to prefer something that they're fully in charge of. When the woman is left in charge of her own body, some doctors start to freak out.

    And most ladies just "listen to the man/woman in the white coat", since what else are you supposed to do? Your dr is freaking out and insisting that a c-section would be better, so you take them at their word, right? it's kinda sad, since it's not the best choice and should only be used when really really necessary.
  15. ^^ I agree Coco Belle.

    I think a lot of people are under the impression that the rates of death during the birthing process was a lot higher in our recent history. It may seem like the case because back then, there weren't any procedures such as a c-section to prevent the complications you listed (i.e. more women died).

    Anyway, women who get c-sections probably get it for medical/safety reasons, but I think women who get elective c-sections either do it for cosmetic reasons or because they want to preserve their vaginal muscles (keep them tight for lack of better words, haha.)

    Pregnancy and birth is an extremely natural thing, women have been doing it for years!! I think women and their doctors should trust that our bodies will know what to do when the time comes and IF there seems to be a complication then doctors should intervene.