Why do we spend what we spend?

  1. would love to hear why you all (out there) spend huge sums of money on your designer bags...I've just invested in my first one - MJ Blake!

    black/gold hardware - gorgeous!
  2. Because I can!!!

    lol... no, really... because I've been frugal all my life and amassed quite a few dollars in the bank... and because I realize that I've been treating everyone but myself... I mean, I bought my bf a laptop for xmas *sigh*

    The ladies here at PF have really helped me raise my spending limit ;)
  3. coz i have deserved it.. I have always wanted them and I feel that because I am about to graduate and go into the real world and hopefully start earning good money, that is high time for me to reward myself really for going to school the last 24 yrs of my life.. its nice to have my bags and I just like them..
  4. Because I'm a good wife & mother. I support my husband's car addiction & I gave birth to his 2 beautiful children (& it wasn't an easy road!) Heck yeah, I deserve it! :smile:
  5. I think it's genetics. My mom has a big handbag collection. But now, I've been so shop crazed, I think I surpassed her collection. LOL And also, you can always buy non-brand name clothes, but purses and shoes are an instant upgrade to any outfit.
  6. mostly because i feel like i need something to show for all my hard work - i'd go crazy if i just worked this hard all the time and had nothing to show for it! :smile:
  7. Cool - I love it. I bought mine because I too have been frugal all my life, have 2 great kids and am a good wife...and I deserve it too! I love the perspective that says purses and shoes are an instant upgrade...so true!
  8. Well, I assume you mean why do you buy expensive bags when you can carry your stuff around in a canvas tote from WalMart? *L*

    It is a feeling that is hard to describe, yet all of us "addicts" here know the feeling. There is pleasure in knowing that your bag is authentic, solid, well made, gorgeous, will be envied by others, etc. It's just a "feeling." Either you get it, or you don't.

  9. I couldnt have said it better myself. :lol:
  10. I have guilt....but it passes quickly, especially when I see my daughters go through my collection and borrow lots of bags!
  11. i am willing to pay more for quality. i think, it's also nice to treat yourself. there's nothing wrong with buying something you really like and want, if you worked hard to earn the money yourself.
  12. mmmmm, some people can't understand my "problem". The reason I do what I do because I personally think I deserve it. I love myself and I think I have to spoil myself (no kids yet and DH isn't high maintenance lol ). If my hubby commenting on it I just say" I don't do drugs and gamble at least when I spend the money it shows consider it as an investment.
  13. Why does anyone buy anything they don't absolutely need to survive?

    Presumably because buying, owning and using things you like, makes you happy! :biggrin:
  14. Shopping makes me happy :smile:
  15. Because I want them, can afford them, deserve the best, and should get them aaaand that's that! LOL

    Plus, it helps that I can have them, they are great quality (and not the purses that break all the time LOL), they are timeless (regardless of how classic they are), and a lot of people can't!