Why do we love older RM bags?


Sep 21, 2006
I have seem several of the older (color/hardware) bags priced higher than the newer bags. For example, the night blue Nikki/MA are more expensive than the concord Nikki/MA while these two colors are extremely similar. Personally, I love the new bags... so I wonder why do many of us prefer the older bags to the new ones?


Jul 1, 2007
The things I love about the older bags is mostly the tassels (I think they make the bags look very girly) and I like some of the color combinations with the old hardware. I do like the new hardware as well, so I guess its primarily the tassels and older colors for me. :yes:
May 7, 2008
SW Florida
I do love the older bags for the hardware and the tassels, what originally drew me to RM. Some of the older colors and combo's are such classics in my book, and I think the fact that they are harder to come by also makes them more desirable...Personally I don't like any of the new bags simply b/c of the hardware, it's a total turn-off for me!


May 16, 2008
i agree with scoobie, although i do like many of the new colors as well, particular concord, ruby, deep red, fuschia, tangerine, and electric blue. i also think that the neither the new HW or the old HW work with all of the color/leather combos...in an ideal world, RM would keep offering a line that's roughly 25% old silver HW; 25% old brass HW; 25% new gold/lt. gold HW; and 25% new silver HW. That would rock. :rochard:


Jan 3, 2008
I think the older style bags with tassles and old HW look cooler, very downtown. The new hardware looks too refined, too Upper East Side. Plus, I saw a new HW bag at Saks, NYC, and the screw on the back of one of the side pieces of HW was already missing.:wtf: More intricate hardware=more breakage, IMO.

Older style tassles/HW=cool. New HW=staid.


The Commish
Jan 15, 2008
I really don't like the new hardware. So that's a big reason I love the older bags. The tassels are also a lot fun. If I want a more casual bag, keep the tassels on. If I want to be a bit more dressed up, remove some/all of the tassels. I can be a little rocker/edge or just chic.
Mar 24, 2008
Long Island, NY
I love the older styles because of the hardware!!!! Tassels are nice too. The older bags have a better look to them. The bag can be tough or girly. I like the nondescriptness of it and the lack of logo. Its kind of hard for me to explain. I just like the old better!:yes:

I have a hazelnut MAM with the new hardware - there is something about that combo that works. I think the hardware blends well with that color and does not stick out like it does on just about every other bag. I returned/sold the bags I have had with the new hardware. I just think it looks a bit cheap sometimes, I don't like the shininess. I can't get past the monogram on it. I only want to wear a monogram if it is my own.

Please RM, make more bags like you used to. Bring back the old hardware!! Tassels are a good thing!


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
Its not just the hardware IMO, but the leathers were much better back in the day too... I really loved that every bag had really thick supple leather, AND the linings were the best!! Fleur de lis and candy cane lining :love:


Dec 12, 2007
Nashville, TN
Hmmm...never really thought about it, to be honest. The older RM's are the ones that I fell in love with that got me hooked on the brand. My first RM was a Saddle Nikki(which I no longer have), and I loved the simplicity of it. I really hope that the current signature hardware is as far as RM goes, in respect to logos on the bags.


Jan 14, 2007
the old hardware was so much more refined/classic and not as pretentious looking like the new hardware. imo, i think the new hw looks tacky. i live in the city, so when i'm walking down the street, i want my handbag to stand out yet complement my outift, not overwhelm it. i haven't bought anything with new hw because i think it looks too flashy. i really hope they go back to making bags with old hw because i don't think i'll ever purchase a new hw bag (i know, harsh!). plus, i LOVE the tassels!

Jenny Cadine

Sep 24, 2007
the Dirty South
I think the older bags had a fashion-insider look, while the new bags are beautiful but more mainstream. Some of her new colors, like Iris, are so irresistable that I've sold a few classic RM's to finance them. I may regret it later. I'd still like to get my hands on a real old-school mini Nikki.


Love is Love is Love
Apr 19, 2007
In the moment
I like the older bags and have a few..
and I like the newer bags.. I also have a few of those.

What I personally like, is VARIETY! I like having tassels on some bags and new hardware on others and I appreciate the fact that I have different options and I'm sure will continue to have options as styles change.


Oct 7, 2007
i hate to be the one to point this out, but there's this lamenting for the "good old days" phenomenon with EVERY design house. i'm not saying that the desirable qualities of the older bags are not there, just that as older items become rarer, and new fans come along, this classic coveting of the older, harder to find, and hence "better" items becomes inevitable.

Balenciaga, Chloe, Chanel are all classic examples.