Why Do We Love Balenciaga?

  1. Help me out girls, I have seen the bags in pics, I have even tried some on. What is it that draws you to LOVE these bags? I have some other leather bags that are heavier and feel, well worth it. What is it about Balenciaga leather you love so much? I saw pictures and went into Saks and tried a "First" or "Twiggy" and it just seemed so light compared to my Coach Legacy bag. Do they soften over time, do the colors just SCREAM at you? I want a Balenciaga, but I am finding it hard to validate the price. So tell me why you LOVE:heart: yours!
  2. I :heart:balenciaga because:
    1. Colour (variety in both neutral and fun)
    2. Smooshie leather (depend on your preference)
    3. Lightness (easy to carry)

    Hope this helps :yes:
  3. the leather is absolutly melt-in-your-mouth smooshy-ness that you cant beat! .. the smell is just intoxicating and I DO MEAN IT!! sometimes i catch myself sniffing the bag ... holding my breath to keep the smell in as long as possible .. then letting it out!! <== crazy!! .. plus dont forget the amazing colors!! no other designer makes colors this cute that match every outing you have, every lifestyle, every age, every NEED! .. I also love how light wieght it is compared to other bags .. this is a plus for me because i carry alot in my bags being a mother of three and these bags hold ALOT!! .. I also love the fact that they are soooo cute!! they are just so attractive in every way!! not to mention that their accesories are so darn eatable!! haha .. dont forget that they dont have giant logos on them .. they are so understated that only those who truely know them can love and appreciate them .. only a select few can accept how precious they really are .. if i think of other reasons I will let you know!! haha
  4. SOLD! I need to stop worry about how light thet are and start embrassing it!

    It is so nice to hear how much you love them. I guess now I need to pick one up! I love the rose/ bubblegum color:heart:
  5. 1) Leather - I love the challenge of finding my "perfect" leather. Variety is key and makes a bag unique to it's owner.

    2) Lightweightness

    3) the gorgeous color options!
  6. I'm so happy that you started this thread. I pulled out my Rouge Vif today and fell in love with my b-bags all over again. :heart:

    There's just something about them that's so me. (the city style especially). I can't see ever getting tired of the style. :heart:
  7. The style for sure, but, what sold me is the fact that they don't weigh a ton because I tend to carry waaaaay too much in my bags which makes them heavy enough. :yes:
  8. Leather, leather, leather. The colours are killer and the bag is so light-weight.
  9. I have my one and only Anthra GH day bag (recent newbie) and I love love love her, because she:

    is lightweight
    hangs perfectly slouchy casual when I am going for that look (which is alot lately!)
    the color is amazing - it actually glows
    The leather is quite varied throughout the bag - very smooth on the body and soft/smooshy/wrinkly on the bottom - PERFECT without even trying
    Goes with everything so far - sweats, rock concert attire, work, lunch with da boss

    I didn't get it at first (ya know the Bal love) and looked at several bbags/colors/styles for weeks trying to figure it out...but oh my gosh when I first held my Anthra - i knew she was special and didn't hesitate for a minute buying her. That's when you know its love!!! No regrets!

    Isn't that a great feeling when you know she is a keeper and you aren't looking over your shoulder at other shades, HW, style, etc!!! And...that's rare for me - makes me love her even more!!!
  10. The ultra chic rocker styles, lightweight leather, gorgeous color choices, and most of all the TASSELS!!!! :heart:
  11. I love the ultra-lightweight, incredible leather!

    I love the colors!

    I love the fact that it is the most comfortable, stylish bag I own! It makes a statement with every outfit!!!!
  12. For me, Balenciaga sells itself on the colours. No other bag comes in such incredible shades and anyone who has experience with leather dying can tell you what an achievement each and every handbag is. My clothes tend to be muted so I love to carry a statment-making, superbright, jaw-droppingly vivid handbag to liven things up. I think their light weight is also a plus - your back and shoulders will be thanking you.

    They're cooly chic, they work with virtually any outfit except very formal clothes, they're highly functional with their multiple carrying possibilities and you will turn heads with the amazing leather and outstanding colours.
  13. Let me start off by saying I was NEVER into handbags. I would use my mo-ped helmet to carry my stuff in, but then I got my first bbag & I'm just in love :heart:...

    1) the leather! b/c even though those tassels and hardware are amazing, they wouldn't be nearly as special on a stiff, plastic-y bag.

    2) the different ways it can be worn. I love that I can carry it over the shoulder, with the strap, in the crook of my arm, by hand, etc. WOWZA!

    3) hardware, tassels, design. It's not a 'prissy' or 'in your face' bag & it's something you can wear at 21 or 81!

    4) the amazing colors!! Some bags look tacky in color, but Balenciaga does it right ;)

    ...and there's soo much more lol!
  14. I fell in love with Balenciaga bags back in 2002 and I've been buying them ever since:yes:
    Here's a list of what sets Bbags apart from the other high end designer bags(in my opinion). I'm so picky about my bags that Balenciaga is the only brand that satisfies my needs. Thus, I've never lusted after another bag(from another brand) since my first Balenciaga in spring 2002.

    1. Vintage aesthetic. They get better/cooler with age. No other bag ages as well as Bbags. I have a soft spot for vintage/antique. Give me anything vintage, chances are, I'd LOVE it! LOL

    2. Motorcycle style. The design, the tassels, the hardware.....everything screams out rockin' roll!!!!:rochard::supacool:
    Now, I'm a sucker for anything motorcycle. I love the actual motorcycles, moto-jackets, boots, bags....you name it.

    3. The leather/slouchiness. I love how soft/smooshy Bbag leather is. Older it gets, softer the leather becomes. Now, where else can you find a bag like that? And I don't like structured bags.

    4. The feather-lightness. I have a permanent back problem and I can't carry anything heavy since I lug around a lot of stuff with me:p

    5. The color variation. What other brand comes up with so many beautiful rainbow of colors? NONE.
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