Why do we do it???

  1. ...seriously.

    Its something to hold our stuff ...do we always need everything???
    Why am I always shopping/buying bags. I feel boring after having the same bag for a week, or moving back in to a bag a wore a month ago. i like buying matching accessories...
    I just bought a hot pink wallet/clutch from B.P Nordstroms and a betsyville cosmetic case to go with a bag i havent even got to my house yet...

    I talked with some fellow hand bag lovers at work...

    one said "well i dont wear jewerly and neither does ------, so hand bags are our accessories"

    but then i thought what about this other girl....she always is wearing the jewerly department, and has huge ellaborate bags...such as betsy johnson&juicy. she bought 5 bags (dooney, juicy, coach, guess)just to take on vacation.

    whats ur thoughts on why bags are so important to us...????
  2. A great bag makes an outfit!! As women we are expected to carry more things around with us, much more than men need to. Men just need a wallet and keys in their pocket and phone clipped on their belt and they're done. Women, in very general terms, need to have all those things plus often carry makeup, tissues, mirrors, ipod, gum, kids' things, you name it. So, we might as well have a great looking bag or two or 30 or more to haul our stuff around!
  3. ^^^
    That's it, Pursegrrl, you just about said it all:smile: If you have to have it anyway, why not have something beautiful?