Why do we CRAVE bBAGS? Whats clicked? what does it have that others don't have?

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  1. What is it about b bags that made your heart beat faster and causing you sleepless night? Plus makes you forget about other bags.

    I'll go first...

    I really really love the edgy design of the bag, its sophisticated yet stylish. The tassles adds the edginess and feminity to the bag. It complements my fashion style. Casual rock and chic.
  2. I love the leather and like you've mentioned the simple yet edgy look+ design of the bag and it would fit with what I wear. Stylish casual.
  3. I like my b-bag because I can see I'll be using this for a long time to come. It is a classic. It can go with various outfits either dressing up, shorts or to work. I also love the different colors these bags come in, not to mention the different sizes. Just received my first one yesterday, using today and just got my first compliment!
  4. 1. the leather
    unlike any other designer bags with stiff leathers, balenciaga comes up with very pretty leather, and it even got better with age!
    just looking at the pics made me :drool:, i don't need to see it to tell that i want it! it works in so many ways.
    2. the design
    it's so simple, funky, classic and edgy!
    it doesn't scream designers with logos and names on the bag! but it's special enough to let one know that it's a balenciaga.
    3. the range of colours
    must i explain this? :P
    4. the range of styles
    the range of motorcycle styles are all gorgeous! it's amazing how with the same element can be created so many beautiful diversities.
  5. for me.. it's the leather and also how different it looks...
    I love bags that sags, and bbag has that affect. Use to love LV, still do but just hate seeing the same patterns everywhere... :biggrin: It's not soo much logo oriented!
  6. It would have to be the variety of colors and the quality of the leather and the weight. There was nothing worse than carrying a Chloe bag that weighed a ton!
  7. The style, tassels, leather, weight, the fact that each bag in the same color is unique, the wide array of colors, the slouchiness, the detachable strap, the outside pocket is perfect for cell phone..... I could go on and on. The only thing I think they could improve, is to make the inside pocket a little larger.
    I think the City is the perfect bag and no other bag even comes close. For me, it is the perfect bag.
    Style drew me in, leather, color and weight hooked me!!! If they stopped making these bags I would :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  8. ditto
  9. The leather and the colors!!!
  10. The nice, soft, smooshy goat leather; the assorted rainbow colors to choose from; the durability of the leather; and the price tag that not all can afford so we'll keep saving and by the time we buy that bag, it makes even more exclusive to us.
  11. For practical reasons mainly...
    1. I like leather bags but I don't like how heavy most leather ones weigh. But bbags weigh nothing!
    2. I like bags that I can hold by the handles and wear over my shoulders. Bbags let me do just that!
    What more can I ask for? :yahoo:
  12. I love the leather
    I love the fact that most come with a shoulder strap AND handles. So practical!
    I love the colours- where else can you find bright turquoise, green or red bags?
    I also love that they are lightweight- I'm short and wimpy (haha) so I need a light bag!
  13. I don't know exactly ... they just REALLY work for me, ya know? and the light weight is a definite plus!
  14. Hmmm....where to start?

    *The leather rocks!
    *The way I "feel" when I wear a b-bag; 34 going on 18! I love that the styles work for all ages.
    *The resell value (god forbid if hubby ever disappears w/some bimbo and leaves me broke with two kids):lol:
    * The fun colors
    * How light the bags are; probably most important to me.
  15. Many of the ones that you mentioned and the fact that not everyone has one. I see the LV's everywhere. I like that everyone has their own color preferences..the choices of styles and colors are endless.