Why do we always want ONE more BBag?

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How many BBags do you need to complete your BBag collection?:)

  1. 1 or 2 more

  2. 3 or more

  3. I am completely satisfied with my current colection

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  1. I couldn't help but wonder the other day why we always plan ahead when we get a new BBag... It just seems that every time I get that new BBag in my collection I seem to notice which other one my collection is missing... :yes:

    When I got my first dream bag in late November last year, a black First, I right away knew that I NEEDED a black City and got that one for Christmas-the black streak might have also had something to do with the fact that I was living and working in NYC at the time;) Then I moved to Australia and KNEW that I needed some colour in my black BBag collection and found my absolute dream bag, a rouge vif Purse, which is now on its way to me. So while waiting I noticed that I really needed some more colour in my collection than just one bag and found a rouge vif Money which I will be getting soon, too.

    Yet, currently I can't stop thinking that I REALLY want some more colourful BBags like an Eggplant of Blue India Purse to choose from:shame:

    So I was wondering: Do you ladies experience the same feeling? Or are you completely satisfied with your collection right now?

    Looking forward to reading your responses:yes:
  2. Yes, i'm with u.....u know why? I purchased a turquoise WE bag and it's also on the way and browsed and search for more, and ordered the marine money wallet (also on the way)....wat's more, i even go further to see if i can find any bbags such as INK work, eggplant WE, 03 emerald first, very 1st fbf and many many more...just can't stop buying....even if i don't browse for bbag, i still look at other brands such as chanel 2.55, vintage chanel jumbo bag (with silver hardware), etc......wow, after pointing out, i think i'm totally hopeless here...hahahahaha
  3. ^^ Glad to hear that, Celia_Hish!:drinkup:
  4. Thanks Marie.....hehehehe, i voted mine and still need 3 or more (never ending)......:yes: :yes:
  5. It doesn't help when there are so many gorgeous colours and styles. On the bag front, I think I'm nearly done for the moment, until A/W colours come out. But I would like some more accessories and maybe some bag charms. :p
  6. It's because of the colors and the smooshy leather.......I can't help myself. I'm a total addict.
  7. I have to say, when I finally get my first B-bag that I think I'll be satisfied for a while. I'm not the type of person to carry a lot of different colored bags, so when I get a blue one, that will be enough for me. The rest of my bags are neutral colored, and that's what I carry most of the time. I haven't caught the B-bag bug yet, and hopefully I won't. My wallet wouldn't be able to handle it!
  8. Maybe we should open a club, ladies:party:
  9. I am pretty satisfied for the moment. I just got my sandstone city (on its way) for a neutral bag which I think will work here in Chicago year round. But before that, I had mostly colors that didn't really work with everything - ink (which I think is a fall /winter bag) and white (which I haven't used yet). I originally bought a blue india box and didn't love the style so I only used it two or three times and sold it but replaced it with a BI purse (which I love). I don't know. I am sure I will want something new but I really want to stop for a while.
    I think part of the fun of B-bags is the buying/selling aspect of them. If you aren't in love with one that you have, you can sell it and buy another one. It makes it much easier to justify buying multiple bags.
  10. ^^ So true, Allisonfaye- I hadn't though about that aspect!:yes:

    But honestly- I can't bring myself to part with any of my BBags currently- I just want more;)
  11. Same with me, Cracker:yes:
  12. I feel like it's never enough but the other day I was looking thru my bags and notice I haven't even used some of my bags and started thinking I need to get rid of some so I can get the bags I really want. I have 3 more styles I want THEN I will start duplicating colors...so I don't think I'm done yet!:p :roflmfao:
  13. I always want more:p I need a coin purse to match my french blue:idea: but I also NEED a magenta hobo, I don't smoke rarely drink just spend thousands on Balencaiga handbags, at least it doesn't harm me, only my bank account:graucho:
  14. Oh MarieG, I do love you. This is a sick phenomenon, isn't it? It is quite the fun past-time to fantasize about bbags. It seems as though the thirst will never be quenched. I am having so much fun, but my savings account is not.... neither is DH..:lecture: He really wishes I'd start collecting rocks instead! I said 3 or more, meaning MORE because I am a true glutten and there will always be fantastic colors that want to live with me.

    Has your purse came yet? I am so excited for you!
  15. I only have one so far, an Emerald Twiggy. I am going to NY at the end of this month and will visit the mother ship and see if they have any other styles that interest me.... I am considering Anthracite or something in a brighter blue..... We'll see what they have in stock.....