why do u think this has happened??

  1. the chelsea leather satchels in black have been taken away from the website whereas the chocolate color is still there.is the black color not doing well or what? i called the customer service and inquired about it and they told me that they have to make room for the spring collection but somehow it did not make sense to me.thinking that they have to make room for the spring collection why the other color is there. any opinions
  2. It's very possible that the black has sold out and they aren't going to make any more of them...black is a very popular color, so that would make sense. Sorry to hear that!
  3. Call JAX...if the color can't be supported for the website (not enough to go around for the mass viewing that a website gets), there are usually still available at JAX.
  4. Call JAX. The Ocelot Oblong Scarf disappeared from the website but I was still able to order it. Same with the Bleeker Flap in Rose. Can't hurt to try and the call is free.
  5. hmmm,or are they going to the outlets? last time i was there i did see some suede carlys - a bunch