Why do u have to give Chanel ur info?

  1. Just wanted to know why, whenevr I buy something from Chanel ( I am in UK), do I have to fill in a form with my name, adress and phone number? I just wanted to know what they use this information for?
  2. I've never bought anything from Chanel before (other than Perfume, lol) but I assume they just use this information to keep a record of who purchases what. You're probably getting a "customer number" that will be put into their system and it will / may track the purchases you make and what you return. Also, they may use these things to send invites to VIP events, etc :smile:

    PS: If you feel uncomfortable giving out your information, you have a right to refuse to give it
  3. If you give them your infos they will send you a card every new collection to invite you to see it.
    I don't know if Chanel has a VIP programm like LV that gives VIP gifts? Never heard about it at Chanel?!
  4. I don't know too. I also have to fill my details everytime. Anyway, I never get any mailing from CHANEL although I bought loads of Chanel in past few years.
  5. I feel the same, with the amount of stuff I have purchased from Chanel I thought I would be entiled to some mailing from them or a gift!
  6. I'm assuming they do it to keep your purchase on file. I've shopped at Chanel boutiques all over the US many times and never received a catalog or invite to the trunk shows by mail. I always ask to see the catalog when I go into the boutique!!!
  7. I have only shopped at Chanel in NM so i guess since i am in their system, maybe its why i have never been asked.
    Maybe its to keep your info current in their system. That way they can contact you for special events? or maybe to make it easier when you call to do a charge send? who knows?
  8. They should have your info..In case you have a return they need to track without a receipt..etc..to protect your purchase too..KWIM?
  9. lamiastella,
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