Why do they say they are so hard to get??????

  1. I was in an Hermes Boutique recently and I wasn't expecting to see much of anything because I have always heard that Birkin's are so hard to get (possibly even a dreaded "wait list"). Even the male SA there made the bags sound very exclusive and hard to get. However, after spending some time there talking with him, he began to bring several Birkin's out from the back one at a time. It seemed to me that there were several available. I could see how it might be difficult if you were looking for a particular color and/or size but in general, I could have taken home one of many Birkin's that day...
  2. A lot of the availability depends on which Hermes Boutique you visit. The Madison Avenue Boutique in NYC receives the most stock from Hermes.
  3. Also, this time of year is particularly good for bag-hunting. Many of the stores get large deliveries fromFeb podium right about now. I love August at H.
  4. do u mind telling us which boutique you went into?:graucho:
  5. i was wondering about this too. i thought they were hard to get, with years long wait lists, but my husband was able to get me one without having ever buying anything from hermes before (although i have).
  6. Hermes has increased production. Birkins are not as hard to get as a few years ago, except for crocodile.
  7. Which one did you go to, if you don't mind me asking. :wondering
  8. :yes:
  9. I was in the Charlotte, NC boutique. This was probably about 6 months ago. They seemed to have quite a few bags. My opinion is that they just make the bags seem exclusive. They have to justify the price somehow. I always thought that a Birkin would be the ultimate bag in my luxury handbag collection but after visiting that boutique I changed my mind. Where I live, most people wouldn't even know what a Birkin is. If I ever get one I want to be in a place where people can appreciate it. They are beautiful bags and should be appreciated!
  10. I've been noticing this too. It DOES seem that the bags are becoming easier to get. Even exotic bags...especially lizard. However, with Charlotte, I think one reason it is easier to buy a birkin there is because they are still a new store and they want to build up clientele and sell the bags they get.

    Do you remember the name of the SA who brought out the birkins? Was it Jason, because he IS really helpful and nice.