WHY do they do it???

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  1. I do not want to sound horrible here but I just moved to england (leeds) 3 weeks ago. I haven't seen a huge amount of fakes, like you do in other places, but still of all the lvs I have seen only ONE was authentic. Some of the women carrying their fake had a lot of attitude, but don't they know that the ones that own the real thing or are familiar know that their bags are fake??? so why do they do it??
  2. Honestly, I don't think they do.
    A friend of mine told me about her LV fakes and said nobody would realize that they are fake... so I asked her to describe them... those styles don't even exist... :hysteric:
    Many ppl who carry a fake don't even know what the real one looks like... :shrugs:
  3. They think no one can tell the difference, or atleast that is what they were told, Most fakes are said to be "mirror image" Which they arn't with the plastic handles LOL. They want to look like they know fashion and can afford high end brands, but the nly person they are kidding is them self! When I carry my authentic bags, people can tell me their fake if they want, b/c I know it is real and it gives me a sense of pride!
  4. They are posers and are actually bigger label-whores than people who invest in the real thing.
  5. One of my first LV's was a fake, I did not know that it was fake. It wasnt even a model made by LV. I never researched the brand nor did I know the exact price of the bag, I thought $200 was expensive. Now I know most things to know about LV, I can authenticate many peices, I know prices of each item and I know what models of bags were made and colours. All I can say is research the Brand before buying and these people have not done this. :smile:
  6. This is very sad but true. Many ppl even the most educated professional would not know a fake from the real item.
  7. But the point is not what other people carry. It is that you are happy with YOUR bag, that you appreciate its quality and timelessness. I don't really pay much attention to fakes, except for their comedic value. And I don't care what others may speculate about my bags.
  8. I still get stares at my bags, people (specially women) probably think its fake, even my sister-in-law asked if my damier speedy 30, if its real?! Just because Im not a celebrity, means I cannot afford a real one...its sad really...

  9. :boxing: Girl took off the gloves on that one! :roflmfao:
  10. [FONT=&quot]I also don't understand why people carry fakes. I would not be caught dead carrying a fake. I think some people honestly believe their bags are real just because the person they buy it from says it is. Tyra Banks did a clip on this in LA, they stopped people about their handbags and 60% were fake. Of that %, 40% new they were fake and stated they could not afford the real think and the remaining 20% really thought their bag was real as someone bought it for them as a gift or they got it on eBay from a seller stating it was a real LV. Crazy how could you buy a fake purse and give it someone stating its real?[/FONT]
  11. OMG! :push:

    People, that I see carry fakes, frequently come up to me and ask .... "Is that a real Louie?" .... "Where did you get it" .... "How much did you pay for it".

    Sometimes it gets to me because I personally think that it is quite rude to ask a person these questions.

    All well, I have nothing to hide .... so I just answer them. :shrugs:

    BLEH! :yucky:

    I HATE FAKES! :throwup:
  12. maybe they don't know that their bags are fake. that's also a possibility. :yes:
  13. hopefully having a newish LV store in Leeds will educate all of the fake people, doubt it though
  14. You're in the gritty north now where money (brass) is spent carefully and sparingly - generally! Yorkshire folk have a reputation for being direct no nonsense people - let's just say there will be a lot who would think anyone spending even £50 on a handbag needs their head testing. That's why you see a lot of fakes in the UK - many people like the idea of designer bags but would not be able to bring themselves to spend the money. We're a funny lot - many of us Brits have a lot of guilt about spending on luxuries. My girlfriends are all professionals, doing well for themselves but not one of them would ever spend what I do on a bag and would quite happily carry fakes....

  15. This interests me very much.....

    Would you say that there is more focus on Designer Brands much more here in the States than in Britain?? Just very courious....:smile: