why do the Vavin GM and the Luco...

  1. ...get that dang crinkle at the bottoms after you use it a lot?!! Does anybody have the same problem and how do you fix it!!! Now I am thinking I want a popincourt haut instead so it's super stiff!
  2. Can you please post a pic of the crinkle? :yes:
  3. hmmm...well i'd say that logically, it's cuz the bag can't support itself properly, bad engineering and all. The handles are probably too heavy and when not hung on the shoulder it droops and drags the bag down, causing the wrinkly bottom. Nevertheless, I personally don't think that ALL Vavin GM or Luco totes do this, it's probably because that specific ebay owner didn't stuff the bag much with "tall" or other structured items such as a notebook which would help to sustain it's shape..... Just what I think....:shrugs:
  4. ^ Agreed, my Luco and Vavin GM don't have this problem mainly I think because I do stuff it and keep it in their dustbags whenever I'm not using them. The previous owner probably had other bags on top of it, causing weight to the Vavin and resulting in the crease. This is possible if the Vavin has been well-used since the canvas will soften over time and lose its shape if not wellcared for, IMO.

    Also, if you want a stiff structure, apart from the Popncourt Haut that you mentioned, the Luco is also just as stiff and well structured.