Why do the serve alchohol on a plane?

  1. Does anyone ever watch "Airline"? It seems like alot of problems they have are because they wont let people fly who seem intoxicated. Why do they even serve alcohol on a plane where you are so confined and kind of stuck on there with whoever and whatever may happen. Guess it got me thinking because of the handbag incident. I sure would hate to be on a plane with a drunk person.!!
  2. I have wondered about this as well, although I am pretty sure they have limits on how many drinks you may purchase from them (not sure if it's like this on all planes?). I wouldn't know anymore on the subject since I'm underage and I'm not allowed to drink alcohol, not to mention that it's forbidden in my religion :smile:
  3. I don't think the problem is the alcohol on the plane, it's more the airport bars. Every so often, I like to have a glass of wine. I would hate for them to take that 'joy' away from me because some people can't control themselves.
  4. I like drinking on my flight, but that's only if i'm sitting in first class and i'm flying w/ my friends. :tispy: It's fun especially when you're on your way to a vacation. But i wouldn't drink to the point that i would be considered drunk and i wouldn't be acting a fool.. that's forsure.
  5. My hubby hates to fly. So, he'll have a drink or two in the airport bar before we take off-helps him relax and not stress out too much. But, as with anything, some people go way too far and drink way too much.
  6. They really didn't care when I flew first class. They served me as much as I wanted (I didn't get plastered, but I definitely had too much), oh and this was when I was underage too! Go figure.
  7. Really? I was under the impression they were really strict about intoxication of passengers. Guess I was wrong.
  8. I think it is the bars in the airport, the club areas, and the drinks on the plane. I don't know why they do it really- I would hope people could just wait.. but I guess not??
  9. i agree with everyone who says airport bars are the problem. all the issues i've seen come up on airline stem from folks not knowing their limits before they even board.

    that said, for every beligerent person, there are lots of people who just have their glass of wine and relax or are on their way to a fab vacation and want enjoy every bit of it. i'd hate for that to be taken away from them.
  10. I never drink on or before a flight. It's super dehydrating. Also, I need to keep a clear head and to be alert, especially if I'm traveling alone and/or going somewhere I'm not very familiar with (and definitely if I'm picking up a rental car, yikes!).

    More back to topic...I also agree that it's the airport bars that lead to more problems than on the plane itself.
  11. They have alcoholic drinks for purchase on planes coz they make loads of money. When I was in the UK a few months ago, my colleagues were telling me that one of the low-airfare airlines was going to let people fly free but charge $$ for everything. I am sure the margins on alcohols are at least 200%.
  12. My girlfriend was a first class flight attendant for many years. In first class, the drinks are often requested- more so than in coach. And, drinks are expected as a relaxing luxury. She said it was ridiculous to allow people to get drunk when you're cooped up in a "tin can" thousands of feet up in the air, as she put it- and she said that they would monitor and stop giving alcohol to someone at their discretion. Sadly, she said it got ugly at times when they refused to give more drinks- and does she have some great stories! A few involve movie stars ...:graucho:
  13. Agree with TravelBug - alcohol sales is a source of revenue for airlines. However, flight attendants are responsible for monitoring intake. That's why we aren't allowed to consume our own alcohol purchased in airport duty-free. The true reasoning is not (as some people think) to force us to buy from the airline, but to make sure we don't get drunk without the flight attendants knowing.
  14. I know a few people who really need those drinks to be able to fly...
  15. alcohol is everywhere. It gives people a false sense of calm. there are alot of people afraid to fly and won't do it without a belt or two. I was one of those people. Now I've racked up hundreds and thousands of miles and don't need it anymore. Just get me there!