Why do the Japanese Gals get all the best stuff?

  1. Sigh- it's almost $200!!!! i can't justify that for a little coin purse.
  2. I called JAX about that a couple months ago and, at that time, it was not available to order in the US. Please let me know if that has changed!!
  3. $200??? :wtf:
  4. It's actually only $98 and it's available to order in citron, pool and tan. The quantities are very limited - they have less than 10 of each so call and order now if you want one!!
  5. Do you have the item #?
  6. OOPS! Yes, it's 41009. :p
  7. oh, yeah, what is the order # please. I called about these too and they said we couldnt order but that was a bit ago....
  8. Thanks! I may go ahead and order the pond one.
  9. It is really cute! I like the pool color.
  10. thank you MOKONI!!!!
  11. Oh wow, that is really cute! Glad to hear that they are only $98 and not $200, that was a little steep! I would also love it in the pond color!
  12. sigh- now all i have to do is make myself call JAX- I am TERRIBLE about making phone calls... :sad: