Why do the glasses cases have to be so big?

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  1. I bought Keri sunglasses and a wristlet with my PCE and the glasses case is so freaking huge it barely fits in my bag. I really think they could make them smaller.

  2. I have the same glasses (you'll love them!)
    I joked to my sister that it's their way to get us to buy new, bigger bags.
    Case wouldn't fit in my previous bags...had to upgrade.
  3. I have the some sunglasses, too. And I do agree that the cases are way too big. I am actually using a smaller case when I use a smaller bag.
  4. I do love them already. I have always been leary of buying designer sunglasses as I am so very hard on sunglasses and didn't know if it would be worth it. We'll see how I fair with these.
  5. I have come close to losing mine TWICE already so be careful! I have since purchased two pairs of Coach sunnies at TJMaxx for $60 each.
  6. the cases are so big that I can fit my sunglasses, eyeglass, and eye drops in it lol, at least it consolidates it all to one case
  7. They made smaller cases in the past, check ebay... I have the Addison's and mine is huge too - but they give the same case for *all* of the glasses, so that's why they're so big.
  8. I hate how large they are too! I don't even use them. I bought a zip around leather glasses case from a Coach outlet a few years ago and it works much better.
  9. I hate the cases too. If I were to put them in my bag, there would barely be enough room for anything else! So, I use them in the glove box of my car but use a soft fabric bag thingy when they're in my purse. I learned my lesson the hard way when I just threw them in my bag (without any protection) and they ended up getting all scratched. Love your Keri's and wristlet, by the way.
  10. My Fendi case is the same way.
  11. I'm actually GLAD they are big... This way, it forces myself to actually PUT them in the case. I don't own a pair of sunnies because I don't have the funds now, but also because I tend to be pretty careless with sunnies. I buy cheap ones, so if they get messed up, it's not a total loss. My friend let me borrow her Chanel sunnies, which also had a HUGE case... and whenever I would take them off, I would see that HUGE case and remember to put them away properly :smile:
  12. I have 2 Chanels and a D&G that have the same problem. So far, I have been really good with sunglasses. But I agree they are huge (the cases).
  13. I may just be weird, but I like the case. I guess I may just be used to larger designer eye glass cases since most of my regular eye glasses have come in big cases over the years. :shrugs:
  14. the size drove me crazy at first but now i like them big
  15. What a pretty wristlet!