Why do speedys need cardboard cases?

  1. Ladies Help?
  2. Ok, What's the punch line? Did you get a cardboard case? You can just store it in a dustbag. I don't think they NEED a cardboard case, it must have just been some packaging. Elaborate....
  3. Are you talking about putting a piece of cardboard at the bottom of your speedy??? If you are, I have heard of people doing this to help it keep its shape and not sag.
  4. yes to keep the shape
  5. you'd think they came sewn beneath the lining on the bottom if that's the shape they're supposed to keep.
  6. the thing you have to remember is that LV piece was originally made as a carry on bag, all speedies were, so their shape didnt matter so much bc people usually filled them up anyway.

    Now that we carry them as purses, some people want them to have a flat bottom which is why they put cardboard in the bottom.
  7. It Does Work Nice!
  8. I hate a sagging Speedy so that's why I put a cardboard in mine as soon as I purchased it. :smile:
  9. They are made of all one piece of canvas, front to back, that is why they sag.
  10. hehe, my speedy sags! i guess it doesnt bother me that much... but everytime i read a thread about the piece of cardboard it just makes me think... maybe i should just put a piece in my speedy or stop reading the threads about the cardboard!!! hehehe!:roflmfao:
  11. i don't really mind the sag in mine so much anymore. it bugged the mess out of me though when i first got it. i tried the cardboard thing. then i thought it wasn't right for me to keep cardboard in a high dollar bag.:shame: i tried a heavy plastic folder (cut in half). it kept sliding around and made the shape worse.:hrmm: i got a pursekit and thought, yea! a way to organize. that bugged me too and now i don't even know where that pursekit is.:blink: at one point i even used a magazine in the bottom (which actually worked best) but decided i was just adding weight to it.

    i finnaly let it go when i was getting coffee one morning and saw a woman with a 30 behind me (i didn't even have my speedy with me right then) and hers was sagging beautifully. funny, i had to notice it on saomeone else to realize that i actually like the way it looked.:love:

    oops. short post went way too long.:blink:
  12. I only put cardboard in my Speedys when I read about it here. I love it! And with stuff inside, it still sags a teeny bit around the handles which looks fine to me. Try it! :yes:
  13. Gucci girl, are you talking about a piece of cardboard that people put on the bottom of the bag? If so, then it's for keeping the bag from sagging. If you are talking about the cardboard box, I guess some people use boxes to store their bags in them. HTH.:biggrin: :flowers:
  14. Ditto ME TOO:yes:
  15. I put cardboard in my 30 but not my 25.

    I even cut out edges so it would curve up and fit nicely. I thought that would help with the movement of it.

    It didn't. I love that it doesn't sag but every now and again, I panic that I can't find my car keys or cell and it is actually playing a game of hide and seek, under the cardboard. Though I am always relieved to find it there, but it can be a pain when I am in a rush!