Why do some women keep ratty underwear


Dec 27, 2005
I was at my friends house helping fold clothes and was shocked at her underwear collection which was old, over washed and ratty looking. Same or her teen daughter. I am also talking major stains that would make you want to throw them out. Now this was not one or two pairs but 20 plus. I have gifted her with nice underwear that I bought on sale and she gave them away because she refuses to try anything but large old lady cotton underwear. What is strange is two other friends are like this too. Faded, over stretched bras and undies yet they will spend a few hundred dollars on one piece of clothing with no problem and wear it with stuff you would throw out. But they love when they get underwear gifts from me. I just got them living the fit of Hanky Panky and Prima Donna. I even got a thank you from one husband who now said he will buy his wife these items since he asked me to write down her sizes and names of the companies they were from which I thought was cute.

I clean my underwear drawers every few months. Get rid of anything that does not look pretty and in excellent condition. I literally restocked with all Hanky Panky panties. I also added Prima Donna and other bras from Bra Smyth which were all bought on super sales. I personally feel I need to start off with nice lingerie beige I get dressed to feel good. Also I am very careful to hand wash or wash things in lingerie bags on and wash cycle and air dry on my drying rack which makes my lingerie last longer and look nice. Nobody I knows does this they just grow all the ours in the regular washer and dryer.

If anyone is looking for good buys on Hanky Panky they are on sale at www.neimanmarcuslastcall.com. And www.6pm.com. Items seem to be added weekly so it is worth checking out. Www.brasmyth.com has some great bras on sale.


May 1, 2007
Thanks for the tips. I agree. Not only do I like them pretty but I really like them to match!! It really is "my little secret" but I feel so much prettier when I am in nice clothes down to the core.


Jul 27, 2008
First off, LOL!! Secondly, am I out of it? I didn't know giving undies as gifts was normal.

They probably don't care about the state of their underwear bc it's not visible. (It may be worse with guys)
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Jan 1, 2007
LOL! This is a new type of thread for me! Good for you for saying something here about it, though!!!

I often wonder why some will wear poorly fitted undergarments, let alone ratty ones, yet have a nice designer wardrobe. I do know a couple of women like this. I got no answer. I do understand cotton panties, though.

P.S. Yes, men are worse!!!


Dec 27, 2005
Since my best friend really a second mom to me worked in lingerie at a high end department store and was able to hit great sales she spoiled me with beautiful underwear as gifts. She would call me and tell me bras were marked down to $15.00 and did I want to buy any as gifts so I started to buy expensive underwear for my sister, SIL, and friends. All but this one friend haved loved such gifts because they will not spend $$$ on lingerie but when I hit super sales it is easy to buy and stock up. My two friends who now love nice lingerie joke that I have better taste in knowing what is comfortable and how the sizing works because it seems nobody is wearing the correct size. But my friend had measured all these people so they were finally able to get things that fit.

I tell my daughter who is 15 now that having good quality lingerie and shoes that fit will make a big difference in how you look. She does appreciate nice things and realizes you don't need a ton of stuff but well made clothing that will last. Wasting money at the teen mall stores is just throwing it away because the stuff falls apart. She now can see the difference in quality of the clothing we buy.

maybe I am OCD but ratty underwear is something that I think shows that you as a woman really do not feel you are special enough/or care to look nice. Or you can just be cheap. I also know many people who have trouble throwing things out so keeping ratty underwear is something normal for them but it is just gross to me.

I like to open my drawer and see a rainbow assortment of Hanky Panky and expensive beautifully made lingerie and pretty things all folded and washed in like new condition. I also hit sales so I never waste money paying full price.
Excuse my first post with auto correct spelling on words that were not typed to be that way.
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Sep 8, 2010
I think - though I hate to make assumptions - that for some of these women it's because their focus is on their appearance to the outside world rather than how they appear to themselves. Most people won't see your underwear (though my mom always reminds me you never know when an emergency might happen), so they might think it's a waste of time to spend money on undergarments except for "special occasions."

However, if you're dressing for yourself more than for others, you want to look good inside and out, so you'll focus on undergarments too.

Also, some women don't realize how a well fitted, nice undergarment can make a huge difference to your appearance, especially if they've been worn the wrong size for most of their lives.


Feb 6, 2007
one reason i keep it: to use them to throw out on vacation =X i usually only pack a carry on and i want to have space for purchases so i use old underwear/socks as throwaway items on trips. also i'm trying to be better about throwing out ratty items but i guess that was just not really emphasized in my immigrant family. it was mainly about if it still usable, use it.


Jul 11, 2013
Perhaps the ratty, old underwear are for during their time of the month, so that the pretty/nice underwear doesn't have the possibility of getting ruined by stains?


Jun 20, 2012
Vancouver, Canada
I think wearing decent undies is always a good idea in case of an emergency! Does hanky panky make any pretty cotton or silk ones? Their styles are cute and colourful but I'm not crazy about synthetic lace.


Dec 27, 2005
Hanky Panky does have some cotton underwear and I think another material maybe modal?
I find their lace the softest against my skin. I never thought I would be wearing their underwear like I am now. I have many different styles including a big assortment of things which I never found comfortable to wear until I tried their brand. It feels like you are wearing nothing.
I am very picky about fabrics and have had beautiful lingerie that was very expensive but bought on sale and many felt too hot or uncomfortable to wear. Fabrics are a big thing for me. Same with bras, it is next to impossible for me to find ones that fit right without seams or fabric itching. Prima Donna bras work out the best for me but only certain styles. Just finding lingerie that works takes time so once I find things I love I have decided to stay with them. Years and years ago when a store called Jacobsons was in Florida I stocked up on beautiful silk panties on sale. Sadly I have never found any as pretty as these again.

I know people have ratty underwear for that time of the month but to wear these everyday is strange. There is a point when bras that are so worn and discolored and stretched should be thrown out. Same with other clothing.


why not?
Jul 28, 2010
Some people just like to keep things that are still usable. It's easier on the pocketbook and environment. Not all old things are I'll fitting! I've had the worst time these days finding simple cotton underwear that's affordable - everything feels more synthetic and I refuse to wear synthetic underwear, so my old stuff is more comfy.


Dec 11, 2006
LOL at this thread....

stained is terrible, I agree, but I find that only type of bra fits me well, and where I live they don't offer the brand so I have to wait until I get home for holidays to stock up - so yes, sometimes they are faded from washing.

I don't think fading is a big deal in general though, neither is slightly worn, some find this more comfy than new undies. but clean they have to be.