Why do some sellers say that they will not include

  1. the original dust bag unless the auction goes over a certain amount? I've noticed this on eBay and I am curious. It isn't as though the dust bag, authenticity cards, etc... cost them anything extra and it just seems like it should be part of the package.

    I don't buy on eBay, but I do browse and this peaked my curiousity.
  2. I've never noticed that but I would't buy a handbag without the sleeper, one of my many hangups, lol.
  3. Should be part of the package, but I presume the seller sells them separately for more profit. That's the only reason I can think of.
  4. Uhm.. that's a ridiculous stipulation to put on an auction.... part of the items charm is having all of the proper things that go with it... tags... dust cover, etc.
  5. You aren't even allowed to sell a dustcover on it's own on eBay. People do but it's a prohibited item.
  6. Really??

    Someone is selling a Gustto Dustbag for 15 dollars plus 4 bucks shipping... 20 dollars for a dustbag!!

    I was tempted to buy it because I needed one for my Gustto bag... but then I simply emailed Gustto and they are sending me one for free!

    That makes me so angry!!
  7. Yup...cant sell boxes, bags, tissue paper or dustbags. I cant remember Ebays exact wording but basically, they have banned the sale of them because counterfeiters buy them to add an air of credibility to their own auctions.
  8. No idea but it's really annoying, I think they do it to encourage high bids. Unless they lost it or something, that's a different story.
  9. That seems pretty lame.
  10. The oddest auction stipulation I've heard of to date.:wondering
  11. there are sellers who also say they will sell you the dustbag if you win the auction. um hello, it's supposed to come with it. people will do anything to make extra money. it's gross. i know one lv seller used to charge and extra 7 bucks or something to include the dustbag.
  12. Can someone give me the link to report sellers who are selling dust bags/LV boxes etc?? What prohibited item category are they under?

    Thanks :smile:
  13. I saw this listing too. (Can't remember what item it was though.) I thought it was the oddest thing ever. :confused1: Never saw that in an auction. If I find it I'll post a link.
  14. Because they're greedy and/or cheapa**es! Ridiculous.