Why do some sellers keep the bidder ID invisible to other bidders?

  1. I cannot understand the rationale behind it. To me, this "Bidder ID Kept Private" thing only opens a door for shill bidding, or it enables the seller to use another ID to outbid the current high bidder when the seller does not want to sell to that particular bidder or is not satisfied with the price.

    I may be wrong; anybody has a better idea about it? Thanks!
  2. All those ideas are certainly valid and I'm sure do happen. I have had bidders ask me to make an auction private as they didn't think it was anyones business what they bought and how much they paid (I'm assuming maybe their husband, family, friends -- that knew their Ebay ID)
    Also, if the auction has a straight Buy It Now with a private ID, I would assume it's because people want privacy ---- you can't shill bid on a straight Buy It Now.
  3. Thanks justonemore! That really answers my questions. My concern was triggered by something suspicious I saw recently about this private listing thing. In my watchlist there were at least three auctions (and two from the same seller) that had private listing. They share something in common: the starting bid price was relatively low (none of them was Buy It Now); after somebody placed a bid, when it was one or two hours away from the end time, some other people emerged and the price just went high. I know that many bidders wait until the last 10 - 20 minutes to bid when the starting price is low; but one or two hours is a little strange to me...anyway, now at least I agree that it's understandable to have this private listing option. Thanks again!
  4. I sell my $$$ bags sometimes and use a private auction. I have heard about other people sending 2nd Chance Offers to bidders of $$ bags on other peoples auctions.
    Meaning, if you were to bid on a bag and didn't win, some other person would contact you with this offer, but it's NOT the real seller. Then they ask for the money,the bidder sents it and the bidder/buyer gets robbed!
    So I do a private auction so no one sees who is bidding. I always do a BIN price too.
    I think it's better to do an private auction on $$ items. :yes:
  5. As a seller I do it on high-end items to protect the bidder from scammers, spamming or just for privacy from friends/family that may be looking at their feedback.

    Personally I would NOT be comfortable bidding on many high-end items unless their was private feedback. I don't want people looking at what I own. KWIM?
  6. Very well said. Exactly my reasoning as well! :yes:
  7. Yes, this is true. I decided that if eBay can't protect my bidders from being scammed, then I will. There are second chance offer scams that are an epidemic on eBay and a few months ago someone hit a bidder on one of my auctions. I don't want that to happen again. I used to be really leery of private auctions but now I understand why people are forced to use them. Until eBay stops this crap from taking place, this is the only choice many sellers have.

  8. I have to keep all my top selling items private. I used to only make my high price auctions private but many of my repeat buyers told me they have been contacted by other sellers to come & purchase from their store.:cursing:

    It's really sad other sellers will stoop that low to steal a $20.00 jewelry sale but it happens everyday especially when sells are down as much as they are.

    I think most sellers with private auctions are just trying to keep the sale private & not using it as a way to shill bid.
  9. As a buyer, regardless of all these legitimate points, I am not comfortable bidding in an auction where bidders are kept private.
  10. Me either.:yes: It makes me think they're hiding something from me.
  11. i guess there are pros and cons to this issue.. as a buyer, i prefer it to be public.. but now, I had been receiving so many emails regarding second offers and I am getting tired emailing the original seller to confirm such offers, get my hopes up and then realize that I was just being scammed.....
  12. I listed an LV item in may on ebay and one of my bidders contacted me to tell me a member had emailed them saying my item was a fake and that date codes were total rubbish. I then contacted my bidder to ask which member had said this and they sent me a copy of the email that rolex10_10 had sent them. The email that rolex10_10 had sent to my bidder basicly said that my item was a fake,date codes are bull and they could sell them one that was authentic. I was shocked but l contacted rolex10_10 and said how dare they contact my bidders and reminded them that they were offering to sell ouside ebay, they then contacted me to say that they had reported me to LV for selling a fake. The thing is all my item are authentic and l always give lots of pics/history of the item. I think that this kind of instance is the main reason people keep id private however after this l still don't but l understand why it's done for this reason.
  13. My SIL told me that private auctions are good to prevent other sellers from emailing your buyers with offers. She (my SIL) used to sell a lot of bags on consignment and people that used to bid on her items would always get emails from other sellers saying that they have the same bag for cheaper, etc. I never think of any shady business when I see private auction.
  14. I also am tired of getting the "second chance" offers.
    I've had the same thing happen where someone would email me and say "Oh, I've got the same bag for $100 less".
    I think it's great to have a private auction option as a seller. Privacy doesn't exist anymore and if you welcome all kinds of emails from other sellers giving you their opinions then stay away from the private sellers!
  15. Another thing the private listing bothers me is that I cannot see what the seller sold before through the feedback page. Giving the fact that so many fakes are sold/being sold on ebay, sometimes it helps to review the selling history of the seller before making a decision - for example, if the seller has been selling some excessive amount of "New with Tag" Paddingtons, most likely they are fake (no offense to those who sold the authentic ones...hope the honest sellers can understand this logic...). But the private listing makes it impossible. Actually I don't care how much people paid for the bags or who won the auctions...wish there could be a way to enable us buyers to get the necessary info, but at the same time protects the previous buyers/sellers from scammers.