Why do some people have their starting bid prices the same as their BIN price???

  1. I don't get it, never did, can't think of why, and never asked because its rather a silly question. But I see it so often. Why do people do it? Do any of you? :confused1:
  2. I notice this, too. I wonder if it's just to get those people who don't know any better to just click BIN because I definitely see people bidding instead of using BIN when the two prices are set the same. And it costs the seller nothing extra.
  3. Maybe the seller doesn't want to pay extra for the "reserve price" fee....??? I would wonder more about the buyers that bid rather than BIN...
  4. I wonder about both! Still doesn't make sense however I think about it:push:
  5. More exposure. That way their item shows up in auction searches and buy-it-now searches, but they don't risk losing money. It also gives potential bidders the idea that they should make a purchase if they are serious about wanting the item.
  6. Ohhh! Thanks so much:flowers:, now it makes sense. I didn't know it didn't cost the seller extra, always assumed it did.
  7. ^^ I think it costs the seller $0.25 extra, which is less than a reserve fee.
  8. I ALWAYS do an immediate price with a buy it now PAY NOW at the same price. Thats what I want for the item and then I'm not messing with or waiting around for payment. If you want it, buy it, and we're all happy. It DOES save the reserve fee and alot of headaches.
  9. Wait a minute..why not just buy-it-now then? whoever would buyitnow would do it either way right?
  10. So, here's a related question: why not use Fixed Price, instead of auction with BIN at the exact same $ as the starting bid? Is it because the seller thinks that a FP listing wouldn't show up in searches? Because it does.
  11. I've never used the fixed price deal. I think if you just use 'buy it now' it doesn't require to 'pay now'.
  12. I've done it before- I can't remember the exact promotion, but it made the eBay listing fees cheaper- like free auction fees- so if you added the BIN- it was only .25.
  13. It all has to do w/ marketing, and marketing strategy. A lot of sellers prefer BIN it b/c then you don't have to wait for the auction to end. Buyers are also more inclined to place a bid on an item if there is a BIN and auction, because once you place the bid, the BIN opportunity goes away. If you notice- there is one coach seller who always has a high starting auction, and a BIN. If the prices are close, a buyer who really wants the item may be more inclined to BIN so that someone doesn't bid, and give the opportunity to BIN aways. On the other hand, someone who wants a better deal, will bid on the item, so that the BIN goes away. Thus, the seller has a win win situation, because either way it will sell. Depending on the demand and price of the item, this is the way to go. Make sense?
  14. Also there are those unusual cases where someone will place the bid instead of the BIN and the item will go for above the original BIN price. I think it would also help if you had immediate payment required for buy-it-now, but maybe the buyer wanted to use another payment method or pay in a few days.
  15. Not a stupid question at all, kneehighz, I've wondered the same thing!!

    But what I'm REALLY confused about is this: Someone put a bag up for auction, starting at $95 + $15 shipping. Their Buy It Now price is $105, and they say there's free shipping with Buy It Now! What sense does that make?? Who would bid if the Buy It Now price is LOWER, instead of higher, or even the same?? $95 + shipping = $110, and $105 + 0 = $105!! I'm really confused here.