Why do some people do this?!

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  1. If I had a dime for every time some stranger touched my son's hand, I'd be rich! I hate when people do this. Hands carry so much germs and I don't know you! Please, quit touching my toddler!

    I'm especially incensed today because yesterday this woman on the subway was talking to him and suddenly grabbed his hand. Underneath her nails were so dirty, I was horrified. I put my hand over his to give her a hint, and she still persisted! I had to pull him up out of her reach. Sometimes I say things to people with this happens, but some people look so crazy nowadays that it seems the best idea is to try and move or leave. I carry sanitizer for these occasions, as well.

    My grandmother laughed at me and said I was overreacting.

    Does this happen to any of you? How do you handle it?
  2. :wtf:

    I don't have kids but I would never dream of touching/grabbing someone else's children (not including friends)!! I have to admit that I have stopped to coo at passers-by's babies before, but I don't think it's polite to overstep boundaries and hold them. At least ask before!!
  3. I feel this way about my dogs...if you are dirty... touche pas!! :smile:
  4. My mom always told my sister and me not to touch the baby's hands or their face...When I became a mom myself, I would literally ask people not to do it to my DD. I try not to sound like a ***** but I still get this nasty look sometimes... I know most of these people aren't parents yet because if they were, they'd understand..
  5. woah now, that is creepy! it's one thing to coo and admire a child but touch a stranger's child?? Way out of line.
  6. I couldn't agree with you more!! I used to HATE it when people would put their finger in one of my babies' hands to "See how strong their grip is!!". I was like, "ARe you insane? Where have your hands BEEN??!!" Babies are constantly putting their hands in their mouths... get your disgusting hands off my PERFECTLY CLEAN BABY!!!

    To your grandmother's point, however, it IS true that the more children are exposed to germs, the stronger their resistance becomes. But still - there are enough germs to go around, that a kid will seek out on his/her own, you don't have to go and "spread" your nastiness.
  7. Wow, that has never happened to me usually they ask before they touch and they just tap their heads or touch them on their eyes. Strangers always admire what beautiful eyes my children have.
  8. I dont know how old your child is but attach one of these http://www.mytinyhands.com/ along with a keychain hand sanitizer to his carrier, carseat, stroller etc.. & I can almost guarantee you, no one will touch him. I bought some for my daughter and put them on her carseat & stroller. Some of the looks/comments I get when people see it are priceless. Once they read it I can tell by their reaction whether they practice good hygiene or not. Not only did I have people touching her hands (Prior to sign) I had them touching her eyelashes as well can you imagine? When she was a newborn I would cover her carseat with a receiving blanket so no one could see/or touch her. I would never take it upon myself to touch someone elses child without permission.
  9. I totally agree with you I have a 3 year old and people always come up to him. Thank God he's very shy of others that he doesn't know. But your right they don't get the hint and they don't give up. I just walk away since it happens mostly in the store or I do the hand sanitizer thing.
  10. Ive seen this on the subway many times...ew ..makes me so angry !! I see Mothers reacting the same way you did all the time.

    I here on the speakers everyday on the Subway ""MIND THE GAP" How about "KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF"
  11. LOL I love those signs!
  12. A lot of old people do this...I have a 9 yr. old sister, so I remember pretty clearly that old people that we didn't even know would do this a lot...sometimes even grab her cheeks!!!!:wtf: When this happened we would just pick her up and take her out of the stranger's reach and politely say we had to go...and then take her straight home for a bath!
  13. are you kidding? I can't even handle when strangers try to touch MY hands! If I had kids, I'd probably be the same way. Even just the assumption that it would be alright to touch my child anywhere creeps me out a bit. I take my cue from when I was a child and how I did not like strangers grabbing my hands, or pinching my cheeks or tickling me in anyway. My motto, if you would not touch a strange adult in this way, why touch a child?
  14. I'm like you. I don't like people touching my kids or Me.....lol. I hate to shake peoples hands. For myself and our boys I carry Babywipes/Anti-bacterial wipes. I'm always wiping their hands after they do anything. We were at the playground for a bit yesterday afternoon (me and my 4 year old) and I couldn't wait to get back to the car to wipe his hands down....LOL. He's used to it...
  15. LOL! I love those signs!! If I ever have a child I'll definitely be getting those.:yes: