Why do some of you not like MINI LIN??

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  1. Just curious as to why some of you don't like this line??
    Is it hard to care for??
    Is it not as durable??
  2. I think because is not as show offy like the mono canvas, but that's why I actually like it because it's discreet and I love the brown leather handles, you should def get one if you don't allready...
  3. I love the look of mini lin but not the fabric. I tried the mini lin in speedy 30 and it looks like the purse sag more than the mono. But it's really pretty though.
  4. just not a fan of the fabric.
  5. The color combo doesnt appeal to me. IMO it seems a little "cutesy" I don't know why. That's just the impression I get from it. Also, it doesn't appear to be that durable. I would worry about rips tears and threads pulling.
  6. I really like it i hope to plan on it being my first LV but i have not seen it in person yet i may hate it but from the pics etc on LV.com i really like it
  7. The canvas material and piping on corner easily to get rub :push:
  8. I was thinking of getting the bucket and it seemed much more collapsible and not as rigid as the buckets in mono and damier feel, what do you think??
  9. ^I love the Mini Lin for just that reason it's very adorable & cute. It replaced its predecessor Mono Lin which was quite durable though not many believed that. The Mini Lin was made even more durable and resistant than its sister the Mono Lin.
  10. I don't like the color... I really liked the Mini Mono line and was looking forward to the Mini Lin... but I was so diappointed when it came out... a tad too masculine for my taste... sadly, the new dune(sp?) color doesn't appeal to me either.
  11. i think it's stunning.
  12. the bucket is nice too but I preffer the speedy for you:yes:
    and as far as durability it should hold really well...
  13. I don't like the it because of the fabric, and the color combo is too dark!

  14. I'm also getting the Mini Lin bucket which many have atested is a great knock around bag that keeps its shape and remains beautiful.
  15. I love the Mini Lin. I couldn't decide between the Ebene and Dune, but needed a bag for Spring, sI just purchased the speedy in Dune. As soon as I receive it I will post photos (hopefully tomorrow).