Why do so many bag makers not list all their bags in their collection?

  1. I just got a wonderful gift from my husband. Since I got it, I also saw it in a Nordstrom's store, but NOWHERE online in this exact combination. It's a JC Carolina oversized clutch, but in the striped eel - nowhere to be seen online.

    Also, while strolling my sleeping toddler the other day, I saw a Cole Haan bag in the Cole Haan store and it too is NOWHERE to be found online (and the name was generic), but the SA called it a self healing goatskin leather and it cost $695 for a SMALL bag.

    I can't even FIND anything on the Cole Haan bag, so I can't stalk it for a sale! It's similar to the E/W Eaton bag in the brown, but it's NOT the same because the bag I saw had a slight messenger flap (I think... now I'm forgetting!)

    But WHY do they do that? Why would JC not advertise this gorgeous bag ANYWHERE online???
  2. I know what your talking about. It happens with a lot of brands. It's like some places you find some bags and other places you might find something totally different. On website and stuff I think it's a stock issue or they keep things that they know will sell to play it safe.
  3. But just Google and keep searching, maybe you will find it. If you had a picture and post it here someone might have seen it. That's the wonderful thing about TPF. We'll all help to find the bag. :smile: