Why Do Sellers Take Pics in Front of Their Pool?

  1. Like This:


    My first thought when I see pics like this - The Seller is showing off!!! My second thought, they don't really need the money!! Sure, it's pretty to look at, but is it really necessary to take a picture of a bag in front of your pool?? I think it distracts from what you're supposed to be looking at in the first place - The Bag!!!

    I just don't get it (and this one has a waterfall too!!!)
  2. It's nice to see a bag in daylight -- you can see the true colors and condition.
  3. Very nice pool indeed!!! :love:

    (And yes, it proves your point - I hardly even looked at the bag... :lol:)
  4. Oh my god look at that pool... they must have a beautiful house!

    As for me, I like to take pictures of items outdoors, indoors in different lighting so the person knows what the colour is like in sun and out of sun. You can't avoid the pool outside when it comes to my house, so honestly, I'm not showing off! I just can't really avoid it if i'm going to take a picture of the item under the sun.
  5. I like that fact that it's taken outdoors, in natural light... but yes, she is showing off!! I think she might be saying, "I'm rich, this bag can not possibly be a fake."

    I'm not looking at the bag though. The background is too distracting. Good thing she doesn't need the money... :lol:
  6. i don't think they are trying to show off just, maybe they want to take pictures in natural light and have a nice background. I think thats better then people selling a dress and they put it on the floor i have seen that sooo many times yuck or someone selling shoes and they have it on and their toes are not manicured the nailpolish has chipped off thats gross
  7. I make and sell jewelry and take many photos infront of my pool. For some reason, the blue provides a great background and the color balance in the photo always comes out very nice. It keeps the photos from looking too washed out.
  8. Agree with luiliu :smile: I always take pics outdoor to get better lighting and "catch" all of flaws.
  9. I don't necessarily think they are showing off... espicially since that photo you used as an example looks DIVINE! I could just jump right in! lol
  10. I think they do it to "sell" the item ... to suggest you are buying into the sort of lifestyle where (of course!) you would have a pool. Like Karen Kooper photos of LV bags with the Eiffel Tower in the background; buy the bag and hey, you're jetset! :cool:
  11. It beats pictures taken in the bathroom :x
  12. I bought from this seller before. She is down to earth and has no meaning of showing off. I think it is very nice to shoot the photos outdoors, and she happens to have a beautiful pool. Nature lights always shows the real color and condition of the bags, like lulilu said. :yes:
  13. Wow that is a brilliant analysis. :yes:

    That's a really nice pool, but as others said, I wasn't even looking at the bag at all. I personally like the idea of photos in natural light if possible, but I much prefer a non-distracting background so the buyer can focus on the item being sold.
  14. ^^ True... and you can crop your pictures so you get some water in the background, if you like the contrast.

    As was mentioned above, I more than hate... I despise when someone puts the garment on the floor. Why oh why on the dirty floor?
  15. lol...
    She never claimed the pool was hers. ;)