Why do sellers make private listings?

  1. I recently won an auction for a Hayden Harnett and realized that the seller made the listing private. Then I noticed a few days later she has another one of the exact same bags I bought. Ok, fine, she probably went to a sample sale and bought a bunch. But what would possess her to make a listing private? When I see a private listing, it usually makes me think the item is a fake. I don't think they fake Hayden Harnett's, but honestly - why hide that info?

    I want to write the seller but I don't want to get her all defensive. Just wondering if there are other reasons that I'm not privy to that someone on TPF can enlighten me on. :confused1:
  2. I buy Hermes bags on eBay, and I am annoyed when the listing is not private. Scammers and just aggressive sellers will target me if they know I buy high end items. When I sold jewelry in the past, because it was expensive, I always hid the identity to protect my bidders from false second chance emails that are notorious scams. Now I see that they have a bidder 1, bidder 2 etc system besides just hiding the bidders names. I don't know how to use that, as have not listed in awhile. But that is better than everything hidden, as you can spot shill bidding with that.
    Unfortunately, sellers of fake items now resort to the use of private listings to hide the buyer of a fake item, so someone does not email them and tell them that what they bought is fake and they should not pay.
  3. Oh of course! But that's Hermes! Not Hayden Harnett! :lol:

    Yes, I am aware that private auctions are somewhat standard for high-end luxury goods, but why a Hayden Harnett that's a couple hundred bucks? That's why I'm concerned. No shady sellers are going to start coming after these buyers with second chance fake HH's. So what do you think the seller's reasoning might be?

    I actually just wrote to the seller a few minutes ago to ask her in the nicest, most polite way possible. If she's angry that's her problem. I couldn't really sugar coat it anymore than I did. I'm just too curious - and more than a little concerned. I'll let you know what she says, but in the meantime, if anyone has any thoughts as to this strange practice, I'm all ears! :yes:
  4. OK, now I understand. This would be like someone selling Hermes scarves for few hundred bucks and using private auction. Then I would be suspicous that they were selling fakes and preventing bidders from being warned in advance or post-BIN. You are right to be concerned. Maybe the seller also has higher priced items, and is just accustomed to this mode of selling. Or maybe she doesn't want someone to contact the buyer and try to sell them other items they might like. She's trying to protect her client repeat business. Or they are fakes. Have HH replicas been known to exist?

  5. I really don't know. Maybe I should ask that in the general handbag forum. Going to go do that now. Thanks Hummingbird!
  6. My listings were private for awhile because I had a previous buyer who I had denied a refund to messing with my auctions and contacting my bidders. This buyer contacted me 6 weeks after she received her item to return it and my return policy was 3 days. Basically she used the bag for 6 weeks and then thought she'd get her money back. Needless to say, she was not happy and kept messing with my auctions.
  7. It's also a good way to protect buyers against false 2nd chance offers, like stated in an earlier post.
  8. I never thought of that. Maybe she pissed off some earlier buyers? I noticed some withdrawn feedback in her history. The buyer responded. All she said was her listings are private so that other sellers can't email buyers with offers. She also said that her auctions are no one elses business. Well, it certainly is my business! Is it cool if someone doesn't disclose that an auction is private? She didn't do this and I feel that had I known, I wouldn't have bid. She offered to provide me with original receipts but because HH is such a small label, I'm sure it's fine.

    But the bigger question of whether a seller should disclose to the buyer if an auction is private is something I'm interested in knowing for future reference. Anyone know one way or another?
  9. i make my more expnesive items private because some people (esp resellers) don't like to let someone else know how much they've paid for an item.
  10. Hi jadejett, a few years ago, I would say that the seller is simply protecting her buyers. Nowadays, I become highly suspicious of "private" auctions. I personally will not take the chance that they are selling multiples or simply have hundreds of .99 transactions in order to build their feedback up quickly. It's a shame that it has come to this, but now there are soooooo many fakes and ways to trick people into believing that you are a legit seller that I am highly suspicious of every listing. Hate to be a pessimist but better to be safe than sorry. ;)
  11. I list high end items as private because I've had bidders complain later that they get fake second chance offers on email.
  12. many seller do this because of shill bidding...
  13. Yep, there are lots of reasons to do private including the enormous amount of spam mail being sent to bidders and the fraudulent hacking going on. If it is a high dollar item, I really can understand the need for private listings.
  14. Just to clarify - this bag isn't a high end item. It's only a couple hundred dollars. Your answers make sense, but most of them don't apply in this case. I never thought of shill bidding though. I'm wondering if I paid more than I should have now. I really DO need clarification as to whether or not sellers are obligated to disclose if a listing is private. Herein lies the crux of the matter. I'm wondering if I can cancel my auction. Just refuse the package and RETURN TO SENDER. I don't like the idea of being taken advantage of and if there's a chance that shill bidding took place, than I'm going to be a little more than annoyed.
  15. I do it to stop bidders being harassed by counterfeit good's sellers.