Why Do Sellers Do This?

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  1. I bought a 7" record on September 15th. I paid immediately. I have not heard from the seller. I sent him an e-mail yesterday afternoon asking if he had received my payment and when he would be shipping. No response. This is a $50 record, not some $0.99 record. Rudeness is so rampant on eBay and boils my blood. I don't know about anyone else, but if I sell an item, I congratulate the winner immediately, then I thank them for their payment and then another e-mail to give them tracking info. I find it really obnoxious when a seller doesn't even acknowledge the sale. I know I am not forming an ongoing relationship with a seller, but simple manners seem to be a thing of the past. I guess this is where dinging communication stars comes in handy.
  2. Each to their own I suppose, I don't EXPECT to hear anything from a seller, but it's always nice if I do.
    As a seller, I do send a quick thankyou message and inform them that I will be posting the next day or even that same day.

    It's rude for this seller not to answer you though...but then we are at the weekend, people are probably away from their 'puters. Do they have good feedback ?
  3. I do too and think buyers appreciate this. I understand not everyone does--fine. But to then also ignore the buyer, a buyer that trusted the seller enough to give him her money on eBay, to not reply to a simple request for a shipping date and tracking number...well...that's just lame. :tdown:
  4. Fully agreed. I am a buyer and a seller. As a seller, I always message the buyer through ebay congratulating them on winning or thanking them if they BIN'd. I also thank them for their payment and let them know when the item will be shipped. It's just common courtesy.
  5. I'm not surprised by this and I shared your frustration, I'm on a mini buying spree this past month and I received not one e-mail from any of the seller that I bought from. It could be that most of the sellers I purchased from are not full-time sellers.
  6. I send an invoice to the buyer and if it is a more expensive item, I send tracking info once it is shipped. I usually go ahead and leave feedback on cheaper items with the shipping date in the feedback.
  7. All I want is my tracking number, even if it's from a PayPal email. I'm not happy when I don't know when or if the item shipped.
  8. Records is one of our areas so it bothers me when someone messes around in this category but if I understand the time frame, the sale basically occurred just before the weekend and like ladyisobell pointed out, some people step away for the weekend. (I need to do more of that with 5 heart attacks on my record). If they still have not responded by today, they are late. (just my opinion, now):peace:

    The learning experience in this is that sellers who take their weekends seriously or are truly 5 day a week sellers, need to explain that in their listing. (not that all things are read, but...) both within the listing and in the comments section eBay provides about shipping.

    If it is an unusual weekend out, they could put the listings on vacation mode and specifically state when they will be handling orders. A Word of Caution: this is a good reason to NOT say too much about your location. Nothing better than to tell the thieves in your area what you have in your house and when you will be away.

    We took a long weekend last week and put our store on holiday Thursday night. Any sales that came in Thursday would normally mail, but true to "Murphy's Law" we got a sale late Thursday night that had to be made. We immediately wrote to the customer and let them know it would not mail until Tuesday and we would pay the increase for the next faster shipping method OR we could refund their money immediately.

    The customer must have placed the order, paid and gone to sleep, so we did not know the answer before we left on Friday morning. We got it while on the road and she was willing to wait, so no problems.

    But, some folks do not live online everyday nor have portable devices to communicate within 24 hours, so from a buyer or seller's side, keep that in mind. I know it is hot on your mind, but we have buyers who buy and then go on vacation. In fact one of our Australian buyers went hiking in new New Zealand for a week! The sale completed just fine a few days later.

    We don't usually nudge until 7 days have gone by, but I know many of us who do so in 4 days. If you want immediate payment, mark that choice when listing. It cuts down on issues that might irritate you.

    I could ramble on but I have scratched my teaching itch, so I'm gone. ;)
  9. By the way, the teaching moment is not meant for the many of you who are experienced sellers. I just gotta speak up every once in a while.
  10. same here. i don't have high expectations from the sellers...but a tracking # at a timely manner would be appreciated. i've met a couple sellers ignored my emails and no tracking #...but i got the item. well....i wasn't too thrilled about it but i was okay with it.
  11. You know, I've been a long time buyer on Ebay and I never expected a message after I bought. What I expected was to see that it had been shipped in a timely fashion (and maybe I'm lucky, but it always has been) on Ebay. I have received responses from sellers after paying but I always felt it was superfluous; just send me the item in the time frame indicated on your auction. And I've bought pricey things on ebay too!

    BUT as a recent and new seller, I always sent out emails acknowledging the payment right away because I felt it was the right and professional thing to do! Ha ha! Just shows how your perspective can change depending on whether you're a buyer or seller. :balloon:

    Although, now that I've been reading this forum and understand the different expectations better, I wonder if I'm going to start expecting acknowledgment emails for purchases now. :P
  12. eBay has automated responses available to sellers, but I prefer to keep it personal so I turn the options off. They just started automating a payment notification if the payment is past their allotted time, but I prefer to say when I nudge the buyer, not eBay.

    I did not realize they would do it without our authorization but found out today when a few buyers had not paid. They sent one out that was already paid for, but it had been paid by e-check and although PayPal knew it was paid, they apparently forgot to tell eBay. We quickly wrote to the seller and found the switch to turn it off.
  13. Hm, I buyer all I am interested in is my automatic email from PP saying the item has shipped. Now if they ship another way I would hope they would contact me and let me know.
    As a seller I hate when the buyers contact me for the tracking #. It is automatically sent to them via paypal and right on your my ebay page. I work a full time job, am a wife and mother, and am carrying for my terminally ill father. I sell my items to make a little extra to help support my family. I always answer any emails I receive, but I do not always have time to email each and every one of my winners. Sometimes I have 20+ items end in one night so that would be a lot of emails.
    I do know I get dinged for this and I hate that, but for now I just don't have the extra time. I have 100% FB so I am a very good seller except for just this one little thing.
    I mean if I buy from Amazon sure they send me a receipt etc, but the one packaging up my package does not take time out of his day to send me a personal thank you. And all those are automatic emails-just like the ones ebay sends my buyer.
  14. I know how this feels. I've been buying all the items I need for my Halloween costume. I've only heard from one seller. The rest haven't marked item shipped, so I have no idea if I'll receive everything on time.
  15. I'm not one for waiting, so I like to know when my item has shipped. Personally, I don't think this is that hard of a task as a seller is notified via PayPal when their money is received.