Why do Sales Assistants try to guess your size?


Jan 26, 2007
It happened to me today. She insisted the jacket i wanted was too small for me and wouldnt let me try it on. I was speechless!! She then tells me its her last one and cannot order another one in.

I walk out but then go back at lunch after seeing she was not there and tried it on and it fit perfectly. Even if it hadnt, who is she to tell me something is to small or big or whatever in such a rude manner? I appreciate a honest opinion but she just looked at me and judged.

It happens to me alot, last week another SA did the same thing and told me before i had even gone into the change rooms the top i was holding was too small.

My god. I felt horrible.


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
I hate when they do that. I look bigger than I am, and wear a smaller size than most people think. I hate when an associate comes up to me with a large size and insists that a smaller one won't fit. :rolleyes:


Feb 15, 2007
Maybe she was trying to save it for a regular customer who hadnt had it put on hold but might want the jacket?


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Jun 6, 2006
Highland, Maryland
That really is a weird thing that happens a lot, but I never thought much about it until you started this thread.

It really is crazy, isn't it? I remember vividly last winter selecting two silk blouses in medium at Eileen Fisher and the SA kept saying that she thought I needed a small and I hadn't even tried them on yet. We had quite a conversation about how I can't stand the feeling of anything too tight... and for me that's looser than most people b/c my shoulders are so broad.


~Mrs. G~
Apr 1, 2006
I've never had anything quite that terrible happen and I feel for you! I'm an emotional eater, so I'd probably go down a box of Krispy Kremes after that incident!:rolleyes:


Dec 11, 2006
ehm, WHAT?

don't let that happen again, like ever! you can do whatever you like, unless you break an item. if I was you i would have told her that she will have to let you be the judge of that. period. and some arrogance never fails in that case - no need to be friendly when people are being cheeky. and that is that. and next time don't leave and come back when the SA has left - you are a paying customer and they better treat you accordingly, bec that is what pays their salaries. period. (I used to work in customer service and what the customer wants goes, unless it is something inappropriate/unacceptable, you get the drift). sorry for your unpleasant shopping experience.


Nov 29, 2006
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Maybe she was trying to save it for a regular customer who hadnt had it put on hold but might want the jacket?
Or she may be saving it for herself.

It happens to me too. I'm small but my chest is... well... not as small. So even thought I could fit a small, some of my 'assets' pop out. So it really depends on the style. I was looking at a shirt and I knew just by the cut that a small wouldn't be a problem. She insisted that I needed to go down a size or that my 'body type' wouldn't be complemented in the shirt.

To me, it was like "I don't care what you think, I like it and I want to try it on FOR MYSELF. So I can see and I can judge. Not you!"

Later on while browsing some more I overheard her talking to her co-worker about how cute the shirt is and that she hopes I won't be buying it because she wanted it for herself!!


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Apr 24, 2006
I think that I would have mentioned something to the manager. An SA is there to help the customers, not to make them feel self-conscious.

I wouldn't want the girl to get fired over that, but maybe a little talking-to about how that is not appropriate.


Mar 9, 2006
One time, a SA tried to tell me that I was a size 24 in pants, when I'm actually a 25.

The brand ran a little big, and I did't want to admit she had been right, so I just didn't buy anything.


I can't believe that she wouldn't let you try it on at all!! When I was an SA I used to advise people how certain lines fit (ie, if you're a 30 in Citizens you won't be a 30 in True Religions), but I would never tell them they could or couldn't try something on. And when I'd set up a changing room for them I'd always bring a full range of sizes, not just the one I thought would fit, because everyone has different preferences with fit.


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Nov 8, 2006
wow, that's pretty rude. to be honest, the SA doesn't even have to go as far as witholding the item; simply looking me up and down and making a judgment by telling me something i'm bringing in is too small or too big is annoying. i know they're trying to help, but you can't help but feel judged. last time i was at jcrew, i brought in a pair of pants and the SA was like "what size did you get?" and i said "um, 4?" and she looked me up and down and was like, "that sounds right." i just felt so weird, almost like violated. of course she was just being friendly and helpful but it's still annoying.


Jul 15, 2006
how rude! :cursing:

i get that if i'm shopping for bras. and then they always admit i'm right when i show them how ridiculous the size they think i am looks on me :roflmfao:

i remember buying a bikini in greece last year and the SA was so rude :cursing: she kept trying to make me buy a bigger size when the one i had on was already too big :noggin: it was a triangle style that you adjusted and the triangles almost overlapped in the middle (and i have a huge space between my boobs so it was just flat on my sternum), but she didn't think it was too big at all and seemed very reluctant to give me a smaller size :rolleyes:

in the end she put both sizes in my bag by mistake :roflmfao: and i only noticed when i got home!


Sep 29, 2006
:wtf: That's never happened to me, THANK GOD!! I am so sorry you had to go through that. I really don't know how I would have reacted because really my personality varies everyday. Like there's days I can't take sh!t from anyone and others I could careless.