Why do resellers try to sell things you can go to the store and buy for 3X the price

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  1. its like when they list something as "sold out" when its avl on vuitton.com. who is falling for that?
  2. i dont know, but to me when i see something i want on ebay or a resaler the FIRST thing i do is go to the main site to see what it costs new. so i see something on a reseller as new i expect it to:

    1- have been sold out for YEARS


    2- cost at least 15% less than new otherwise i could just buy it new.

  3. ita
  4. I think they put a crazy price first to see if anyone will buy it. Maybe their store does not have this book so they think they are all gone, or maybe the person knows nothing about this book and just buys.
  5. idk...3X the going rate is too much.
  6. If its sold out...then someone sold me a bogus one from LV boutique....HEHE JK. I just purchased one from the LV boutique at the NM Galleria Houston for $130.00. Didn't look like it was "sold out" to me. I have noticed some of these books going for outrageous prices. I just hope no one is really that silly enough to buy it at the crazy price.